How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need Every Day?

How much exercise does a dog need a day to be fit and have a good muscle tone? We have to take into account factors such as breed size and the time needed to exercise our pets.

How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need Every Day?

And, the daily hustle that has us all day busy between work, family and day-to-day routines, has kidnapped our free time. It is very difficult sometimes to find time to take a walk and exercise properly our beloved pet. That’s why we are going to talk about how much you should exercise your dog and how to get it even if you have little time available.

Adapt your short time to the exercise of your dog

The first thing we have to do is adapt our daily agenda and take out the time we need to exercise our pet. This is the most difficult of all, but we can always come up with some advice to better optimize our time.

  • When they are puppies, it is easier to have some time at the end of the day to meet their physical needs and run them at home and start their socialization. But when they grow up and there is no time available, you will have to trust a professional.
  • Find someone who can take your pet for a walk once or twice a day for half an hour. Surely you know someone who can do that favor. If not, invest in a dog walker and spend your pet’s energy. The health of your pet is very important, and you cannot have the animal all day alone at home without doing anything.
  • There are also plenty of dog nurseries, and surely there are some near your home that can take care of your pet. In these places, your dog will be close to other dogs and will do well as part of the socialization process if he is still young.
  • You can always leave your dog during your absences several toys and stuffed animals, as well as some “Kong” and environmental enrichment resources to try to get our furry friend entertained and not bored much.
  • At least we can improve those waiting times by adding mental stimuli that keep you busy, reproducing natural search, tracking, olfactory behaviors…
  • The exercise of a dog is not just running, it needs a correct physical and mental balance. That is why it is very interesting that in addition to taking your dog for a walk every day, you train him and teach him some basic obedience exercises, or practice a canine sport with your beloved pet.

Do you need a dog more or less activity a day according to his age?

Another important point is to know what exercise and play time my dog ​​needs depending on how old he is. And, according to a puppy, an adult or elderly dog, and the type of breed to which it belongs, you will have to update the times and types of exercises. Especially in intensity.

How much exercise does a puppy need per day?

When they are puppies, it is very interesting to have enough free time to play outdoors in areas where you can train your bladder to let off steam. So more than a lot of exercise, they need to spend time away from home to create some habits and routines that they take advantage of to make their needs.

  • A good average of departures is five minutes of exercise in your first month of age, twice a day. In total 10 minutes a day.
  • The second month of age we climbed to 15 minutes of walks.
  • The third month we get in 30 minutes.
  • From the fourth month we can take the dog much longer.

The short walks with harness or leash, the games of throwing and collecting balls of short range and the canine swimming are great exercises and highly recommended to spend the energies of your puppy without problems. Choose a good collar, or better a harness that suits your dog well.

Adults do not require so much care and since they are already socialized everything is easier. Usually, with an average of between one and two hours a day, in two or three exits to the street they go more than managed. So you know, to take long walks with your favorite dog. And try to find time on weekends to take your dog to run to the field when you can. Some exercises very indicated in adult dogs are games like:

  • The “disc jog” or “Frisbee”, where they must pick up a disc in the air that you have previously released.
  • Agility training, (agility) where the bond with your dog is greatly reinforced and we also train it mentally.
  • And canicross races, which consist of snow or dirt races with your dog.
  • Swimming is one of the most complete exercises. You also improve coordination and avoid being overweight. Try a Sunday morning to take your dog to a beach and throw his favorite ball into the water and see … Another of the most beautiful and fun experiences I’ve had with my dog ​​in life! He goes crazy and has a great time. Of course, in summer 🙂
  • And not all dogs like water. If you use it since childhood without problems, but if you are an adult, you may not want to get wet. You never force him some simply do not like it.

Have you tried running or cycling with your pet?

Well, if you are one of those who likes to go out for a while every day to run or ride a bike, take your dog with you and you will see how you both enjoy. At the same time I can’t think of a better way to exercise your pet and create a great bond between you and your dog.

Do not forget that the exercises you do with your pet like any positive reinforcement training or canine sport, in addition to strengthening and optimizing the health and general condition of your dog, fulfills a second cognitive function. You add mental challenges and stimulate very positive natural behaviors for your dear friend. So pay attention to me and if you go running, do not do it more alone. Take your pet with you.

Take your dog for a walk to the beach

The beaches are an explosion of stimuli and smells for a dog. And the sand on the beach adds extra effort to walk along it. This is like eating whole wheat bread, which at the same amount, compared to white bread, feeds more. Well, walking along the shore of the beach is the same; a two for one! What else do you want? Take your dog to the beach.

For those who do not live near the beach and cannot afford it, all you have to do is take your dog out of the house and walk with him through the mountains and countryside. He has nothing to envy to the field and is equally positive.

The case is to move often and leave home, and better if it is with your dog.

How much exercise does a dog need according to the breed per day?

Well, here it is necessary to clarify first within the generalities of the breed that is your pet, which each dog has its own needs for energy expenditure and activity, which can vary with respect to another individual of the same breed. You understand? But it is true that the size and type of race generally influences the needs of more or less demand for energy expenditure. Some races tend to be more active than others, as in the typical case of the terrier.

Some tips to exercise your dog according to its breed

  • Keep in mind that some miniature or toy breeds such as Chihuahuas or poodles are not as active.
  • Other large dog breeds, despite what they might seem, do not spend as much energy as we might think. We speak of very large breeds such as the Great Dane or the Bulldog of Bordeaux.
  • Special attention to the times and types of exercises with breeds of brachycephalic dogs such as bulldogs, (and breeds from their crossbreeds) Carlin, or the Shih Tzu. They are animals that often suffer from respiratory problems, which imply that they run less and need more relaxed times. More background and less sprint.
  • Then, there are also especially active breeds such as hunting, some shepherd dogs and hounds. To these animals you must implement the daily walk times of 60 to 90 minutes a day, better in three exits.


  • A physically and mentally exercised dog is a healthy and happy dog. And your dog, from puppy to old, goes through different game and exercise needs that you will have to control.
  • Even if you don’t have almost free time and live in a small flat in the city, there are many sports and activities you can do with your pet. Play a sport with your dog.
  • Take your pet on weekends to the countryside or the beach.
  • Dog parks are great for adult pets to meet and work in socialization games.
  • Play and train your canine friend with basic obedience exercises and positive reinforcement or sports such as running or cycling. Always look for places where walking with dogs is allowed without a leash, another amazing experience for your dog.
  • Especially if it is small, if you do not have time to take your dog, trust a professional to do it for you, but never leave it.

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