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How to keep your dog physically fit

Keeping your dog physically fit is not just about boosting their physical appearance; more importantly, it’s about ensuring their overall health and longevity. Just like humans, dogs require regular exercise, a balanced diet, and mental stimulation to stay in peak shape. However, promoting your dog’s physical fitness extends beyond these basic measures. A comprehensive approach, […]

Nurturing the Bond Between You and Your Hamster

A hamster is more than simply a pet; it’s a little joy that integrates into our households. Many people don’t realize how deeply one may relate to such a tiny creature. Maintaining this connection will ensure your relationship with your hamster is happy for both of you. It requires comprehension, endurance, and a little bit […]

Port Coquitlam Dog Training Classes | Dog Trainers In Port Coquitlam BC

Pet parents in Port Coquitlam can train their pups any time of the year, but it can be most amusing during the month of January. That claims to be “National Train Your Dog” month. While dogs become such a part of our lives, more like children than pets, it can seem as though they lack […]

5 Common Reasons Why Your Dog Is Itching and Scratching

It’s totally normal for dogs to scratch themselves. However, if they’re doing it excessively and compulsively, then chances are, something’s wrong with them. While you might automatically suspect your pet of having fleas, it might not always be the case. There are various reasons why your furry friend might be itching. Scratching is not only […]

How to train Dogs to play with balls

Although certain dogs like playing fetch, and for some breeds, such as retrievers, the game comes easily, other dogs may find the concept alien. Certain dogs are uninterested in toys or are not instinctively motivated to retrieve them after being tossed. Similarly, certain shelter dogs might have never played with toys as babies and thus […]

Puppy Behavior: How to Stop a Dog from Whining and Other Common Fixes

Affectionate, friendly, and loyal, dogs are by far the most popular choice of pet in the United States. Over 38% of American households own at least one dog, and many own multiple! One of the reasons dogs are so favored among pet owners is that they have big personalities. And though this can lead to […]

Workouts for Dogs: 7 Exercises to Help Your Pet Get in Shape

Most dogs require 30 minutes to two hours of exercise every day, depending on the breed. Not only does this daily amount of exercise promote good health, happiness, and overall well-being for your dog, but it’s also a great way for you and your four-legged friend to bond. But sometimes, walks don’t work out. Whether […]