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How To Trim Pugs Nails And Why You Need To?

Pugs are a pedigree breed popular amongst dog lovers. They have quite a history too, originating from China and were introduced to Europe in the sixteenth century. Pugs were popular for being owned by many monarchs and people of fame over the centuries, making them quite the royal breed. This breed is known for being […]

Essential Tips For Outdoor Camping With Your Husky

Many Husky owners love to take their pets with them on vacation, and an outdoor camping trip can be excellent fun for everyone. So, before you pack your tent or RV and hit the road in search of adventure with your furry friend, be sure to read our top tips!

Why getting a dog will change your life?

Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend. But what exactly is so special about these animals, and why do they hold such a high status in society? Dogs offer many benefits that other pets cannot provide, including unconditional love, companionship, and protection from burglars. Research has also shown that owning a dog can […]

Can dogs eat bananas?

Us, pet parents, are always looking for new delicious and healthy treats we can make for our dogs, since we all imagine how boring it can be to eat nothing by kibbles. Some of the most common ingredients are peanut butter, cheese and fruits such as strawberries, but can we add bananas to that list? […]

5 Dog Grooming & Hygiene Tips You Must Know

Dog grooming and overall dog hygiene are both incredibly important. If you don’t do the correct dog grooming and maintenance this can lead to more problems down the road. Regular dog grooming is essential for the health and happiness of your furry companion. Professional grooming can be expensive, considering the fact that you can do […]

Tips For Keeping Your Dogs Safe On The Road

It’s fantastic to be able to bring your cherished pet companions along. You have more resources to devote with your animal buddies. When bringing your dogs on automobile journeys, however, use caution. For your next automobile travel with your dog, take a look at these safety guidelines. (petprice, 2021)

Service Animals for People with Autism

No one can be sure what causes autism in children. Nevertheless, we can say for sure that this category of society is very vulnerable and requires constant protection and attention. Service animals can help with this. How do dogs affect an autistic person’s condition? One of the main problems with autism is concentration. The child […]