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Dealing with Picky Eaters: Strategies to Encourage Healthy Eating in Cats

As a cat owner, you have probably introduced your cat to several foods and explored different brands and recipes to find one that suits their taste. While some cats love to eat the same food every day, others are notorious for their discerning palates, and convincing a picky eater to embrace a healthy diet can […]

Can You Give Kittens Raw Food?

Young cats have a high demand for energy, high-quality protein and nutrients. Kittens also need a lot more fluids than adult cats. Raw food for kittens provides your little cat with beneficial fats as an energy source, highly digestible proteins, important nutrients and sufficient fluids. Raw feeding is ideal, especially for young kittens. Since a […]

Picky cat needs to gain weight. Best cat food to gain weight for picky cat

[go_pricing id=”cat-food-to-gain-weight”] Cats that are underweight, face higher risks of having a low-quality life and contracting some serious problems compared to cats that maintain a good healthy weight all through the year. Some picky cats usually have less weight, but with our best cat food to gain weight for picky cats, we are sure you […]