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Where Can I Order Custom Cat Portrait

If you have ever had a pet then you would know that they are members of your family. We love them because they have their own personalities and habits which make us love them. Cats are independent as well as lovable creatures. Since the ancient Egyptian Civilization, they have been treated with respect and are […]

How to Choose the Best Wall Mounted Cat Shelves

Is your home feeling cramped as a result of your new pet? Are you struggling with where to place all the necessary toys, bowls, and litter boxes? The answer to your problems very well could be wall mounted cat shelves. Wall-mounted cat shelves are a way to make your home more appealing and comfortable for […]

How to Stop Your Cats from Scratching Furniture?

Scratching is second nature to cats. Apart from the fact that they need it to keep their claws sharp and free of dead outer sheaths, it also serves as a much-needed exercise technique to stretch and strengthen their upper bodies. However, nobody likes to see their furniture redecorated with scratch marks, hence the need to […]

Feline Excessive Meowing & Yowling – Top Reasons Why Cats Meow

It is absolutely normal for cats to meow. While all cats meow, there are various reasons they make this sound. As kittens get older, the reason they meow change gradually. Young cats meow when they are scared, cold, or hungry. They usually do this to get their mother’s attention. As cats get older, they stop […]

What Are The Side Effects Of Revolution For Cats?

Revolution for cats is a relatively new cat care product introduced to the market, and it has some very noticeable side effects. Here’s a quick run down of the effects of revolution for cats. In addition, as a student who is also reading this article, don’t hesitate to get a college homework help to be […]

Should Your Indoor Cat Be Allowed Outdoors?

As a pet parent, you definitely want the best life for your cat. I have met many pet parents who lost their pets in car accidents being outdoors. While on the other hand, many think they’re being selfish and restricting their cats from enjoying their life to the fullest. So what should you do? Well, […]