How to Keep Cat’s Litter Box Appealing and Clean?

The litter box is essential to have when you own a pet. It helps to maintain a habit of your cat to use the litter box for the bathroom. As well as it avoids creating any mess around the house. But being a cat owner, you are probably aware of the fact to keep the litter box clean and fresh is a tough task.

But if you are new to it and thinking about bringing a cat in the house then a litter box is an important element. Besides this, keeping it clean and maintaining good hygiene are prominent factors you cannot neglect.

If the cat’s litter box is not clean, it can cause big trouble for your house. An uncleaned litter box can leave your house smelling bad as well as becomes a cause of bacteria and germs. The dirty litter box is a home ground for bacteria, disease, and other microorganisms. So, it is very important to keep it clean and fresh.

How to Keep Cat's Litter Box Appealing and Clean

To keep it clean and appealing few important factors that are vital are the size, material, and shape of the litter box. The quality and size matter a lot because it is quite hard to keep a smaller litter box clean. So, the first thing is to choose the right litter box according to your cat.

You must look for a litter box that is good quality as well as safe for your cat too. PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box is one of the ideal litter boxes you can have for your cat. It is flexible, easy to clean, and reduces the litter mess. Highly manageable and perfect for your cat to use.

Besides getting a perfect litter box for your cat few other things that can help you keep the litter box clean and appealing are:

1. Keep it Clean Throughout

It is fact that cats are the cleanest animal by nature and like humans, cats love to stay in a clean place. Whether it be a cat’s house, bed, or even the bathroom. Your cat will never use a dirty litter box and end up creating a mess around the house.

Being a cat owner, it is a great responsibility to keep the litter box clean and fresh. You have to change the litter clay or sand whenever it appears dirty and your cat refuses to use it. Keeping the litter box clean is an essential step to maintain good hygiene and to avoid the spread of bacteria or microorganisms.

Perform this task at least a couple of times a day to keep the litter box clean. So, that your cat will not refuse to use it and it can reduce the mess caused by litter.

2. Keep a Spare Litter Box at an Alternative Place

One of the prominent and highly beneficial tips to avoid mess around your house as well as to keep the litter box clean enough to be used is to have a spare litter box. Depending on the number of your cats you need to get the litter boxes accordingly.

But always remember to get an extra litter box and to put it in an alternative place. The purpose of doing this is it will help reduce the mess that can be caused by litter. As well as keep the litter box clean to some extent, so that you do not have to worry about cleaning it multiple times a day.

Other than that, in case of emergency, an extra litter box can be a life-savor. In case you are busy and forgot to change the litter clay, your cat can use the alternative litter box. Instead of using any random spot in the house.

How to Keep Cat's Litter Box Appealing and Clean

3. Use the Right Litter Material for the Litter Box

Using the best quality litter material is always a good idea and it is helpful to keep it clean. Because it is highly dependent on the cat’s likes and dislikes. If the litter material is of bad quality then another issue you have to face is your cat can refuse to use the litter box. So, you have to clean up the extra mess around the house.

Also, good quality litter material keeps the litter box clean and appealing. You do not have to worry much about cleaning it frequently during the day. So, it is very important to choose the right material for your cat.


Cleaning a litter box seems a tough task and it can be challenging at times. But it is essential to keep the cat’s litter box clean because it can reduce the chances of mess to a great extent. A clean litter box also gives a pleasant and clean effect to your house. Described above factors and tips can help you maintain good hygiene to keep the litter box clean and fresh for your cat.

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