Kangal Dog (Anatoli Shepherd) price range. Kangal puppies for sale cost?

The Kangal is a hound dog from Ashurbanipal king period of Assyrian. They are also called Sivas Kangal or Anatoli Sheepdog (Anatoli Shepherd). This dog breed is considered as national treasure of Turkey. In their hometown of Sivas, Kangal dog is a companion of shepherd. Kangal dog price at the present is not too high, about $600 per puppy on the average. We will provide information on the best Kangal puppies for sale prices, pet websites and reputed breeders at the present in the article below.

Kangal Dog (Anatoli Shepherd) price range. How much do Kangal cost?

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Kangal dog price range

Based on raising purposes and quality, Kangal dog prices are divided into two levels: Limited registered Kangals (raise as pets only) and fully registered Kangals(allowed for breeding).

Limited Kangal dog prices

You can only raise these dogs as pets without being allowed to breed them. Their Prices are quite comfortable, from $500 to $ 800 per puppy. Kangal dogs are friendly, loyal, and easy to teach so they will be ideal pets for your family.

Fully registered Kangal dog prices

Based on raising purposes, this dog breed will has different prices; the degree of difference depends mainly on family records, lineages and breeding farms.

  • Kangals coming from normal breeding farm have prices ranging from $800 to $1300 /puppy. Theses puppies are usually have normal prices, the level of purebred is over 95% and raised for pets.
  • Kangals coming from famous breeding farm will have higher price, from $1300 to $3000 per puppy. These puppies are often having better family records, because of their premium lineages so they are raised for breeding and joining dogshows.

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Kangal Dog (Anatoli Shepherd) price range. Kangal puppies for sale cost?

Where to find Kangal puppies for sale

Online Kangal puppies for sale websites

  • Hoobly.com/kangal-puppies-for-sale/ – Hoobly is a website collecting advertisements of Kangal sellers so the number of Kangal you can find here is very large in terms of number. Kangal puppies are diverse in terms of ages, colors, sizes and prices so that you will have plenty of choices.
  • Marketplace.akc.org/puppies/kangal-anatolian-shepherd/ – AKC is a famous and reliable website for American who lovesdogs, this place providesmany different dog breeds but the quantity is not large. However, you do not need to worry about the quality of these puppies because their health is always guaranteed andthis place also has thoughtful warranty.
    Kangal Dog (Anatoli Shepherd) price range. Kangal puppies for sale cost?
  • Pets4homes.co.uk/sale/dogs/turkish-kangal/ – This is a very famous and reputable online pet website of British but some breeders of this place have shipped all over Europe and North America. Although the number of Kangal puppies for sale here is not large, the quality of the baby is very secure.

Kangal puppies for sale from best breeders

If you want to find a better or clearer background Kangal puppy so that you can buy puppies through professional breeders. We have some suggestions below:

1. Rocky Mountain Kangal

This is one of the large breeding farms in the United States. This breeding farm provides Kangal puppies with spacious living space, while these Kangal Dogs here have scientific exercising, dining regime to ensure the most total development of these puppies.So you can give your trust in this breeding farm.

You can find out more information and contact them here: rockymountainkangal.com

Kangal Dog (Anatoli Shepherd) price range. Kangal puppies for sale cost?

2. Regal Kangal

Started breeding in 1994, the Regal breeding farm has had a long time to accumulate their experience and create healthy, well-developed Kangal puppies. They always know what is most necessary for a Kangal puppy and they always provide their puppies adequate living conditions.

You can find more information and contact them here: regalkangal.com

3. Kangal Dog Town

This breed farm has created many healthy and pretty Kangal dogs. Although this Kengal breeding farm has not been opened for too long, their strengths are deep understanding of the Kengal dog breed and their professional style of work. We believe that you can be satisfied if you trust them.

You can find more information and contact them here: kangaldogtown.com

Kangal Dog (Anatoli Shepherd) price range. Kangal puppies for sale cost?

Characteristics of Kangal dogs


Anatolian Sheepdogs are derived from their hometown’s name in Anatolia – central of Turkey, where they are still a pride of people here. Due to climate and topography of this area, local people live in nomadic habitats, depending on sheep and goat herds. Kengal dogs protect domestic animals, so they are called the sheepdogs.


Kangal Dog (Anatoli Shepherd) price range. Kangal puppies for sale cost?Kangal is a large, strong and solid dog. They weigh about 100 – 130 pounds (50 – 66kg) with male and 85-120 pounds (41 – 54kg) with female.

Despite its large body, this dog breed is very fast, with their speed up to 50km/h. This dog breed has a very large head, drop ears, slightly curved tail, and strong teeth. Their coat is usually pale fawn or mink coat color.


Kangal is a confident and professional guard dog who knows how to protect animals and intimidate opponents in necessary situations. They consider their protection duty is very serious, when their owners are away, they will not allow strangers to come in.

Kangal is also a very intelligent, loyal and stable dog breed. They are easy to teach and train, but because of their independence characteristic so they can benot obedient if their owners do not trust them. They need a very tough and experienced owner in training.

This dog breed is very friendly but you should notraise them if your family has children because Kangal is awkward so they can easily hit and hurt children.

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