How to Stop Cats from Climbing on curtains?

Having a cat in the house can be pleasant and wonderful. Their innocent and playful nature spreads joy all around the house. However, these cute looking babies can get out of hand when they get hyper.

How to Stop Cats from Climbing on curtains?

They can start ripping off curtains, sofa and everything around. This can really piss you off and leave you exasperated. Your new curtains can go for a complete toss, leaving you disheartened.

Thus, as a cat owner, you should know the reason behind such behavior so that you can tackle it successfully. With proper training, you can correct them and teach them to behaving appropriately.

Why cats climb the curtains?

No matter how old your cat is, or which breed it belongs to, climbing around is a habit that comes naturally to them. Be it vertical space or horizontal space, they love climbing on to anything and everything. Let us see the reasons behind this behavior.

  • Climbing on to curtains and vertical spaces give them a sense of security and provide them with fun elements too.
  • Another reason for cats to climb on to curtains can be not so good health. When they are unwell and want to get away from everyone, they may choose higher places like curtains to hide.
  • Cats need more than food and water and that is your love and attention. When they want to grab your attention or be seen and heard they may climb higher places like curtains.

How to prevent your cat from climbing on curtains?

Are you tired of your cat climbing up your expensive curtains only to destroy them? Have you tried all possible tricks and yet not successful? Then let us share with you some tips that will help you to change this behavior of your kitty, keeping you both at peace.

Provide something better

We can use distraction or replacement as a way to keep cats away from climbing up the curtains. Just the way we divert a child’s attention from something, the same trick can be used on your furry friend too.

Provide them with something more interesting and attractive to climb up and scratch. You can get a fun cat tree or stand so that your cat can climb, play, and also find a place to rest. Make sure that the stand has an interesting texture like a cushiony blanket or rugged and rough edges, letting her enjoy to the fullest.


Always remember that you can change your cat’s behavior with proper training.  You can startle them each time they come close to the curtain, or even consider investing in environmental punishers that will do the job when you aren’t around.

You can also offer her rewards for not climbing up the curtain. A toy or a treat will do the job and teach her that leaving the curtains will earn her good rewards.

Install an Alarm

Since you cannot be around the cat 24/7, take help from an alarm. Install a motion detector that will go off every time she tries to get on the curtain. Cats do not like noises.

It will take them a couple of times to understand that each time they will go near the curtain the alarm will go off. And to avoid the noise, the cat will eventually stop climbing up the curtains.

Double-sided tape

Cats hate the sticky texture, so sticking double-sided tapes on curtains will put them off completely. Stick these tapes on the curtains where the cat usually climbs. They will hate the sticky sensation and eventually stop the habit.

Visit the Vet

If nothing seems to be working, as a last resort visit the vet. There are chances that your cat isn’t feeling too well, or is anxious. And hence to get away from everyone she is choosing to climb up.

The veterinarian will conduct a thorough check-up and in case of any illness, he will be the best one to guide you ahead.


With the help of these tips, you will surely be able to change your cat’s behavior and teach her not to climb the curtains. Though things may not change overnight, you need to be persistent with your efforts.

Within a span of a few days or a week, the behavior will change and then you both can live in harmony and enjoy each other’s company.

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