Devon Rex price range. Where to find Devon Rex kittens for sale?

The Devon Rex is an extremely playful, intelligent and people-oriented cat. Their unique trait lies in their ability to change their appearance and temperament according to the weather (literally). Owners of Devon Rexes are advised to take them home before sunset, when they often get aggressive. A very famous representative of the Devon Rex is Stitch, a cat with more than 12,000 followers on Instagram. Nowadays, the average Devon Rex price is about $700/ kitten. Their price will be analyzed in more details as below.

Devon Rex price range. Where to find Devon Rex kittens for sale?

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Devon Rex price range

Based on their breeder’s reputation, pedigree, age and performing ability, Devon Rexes are divided into different price ranges.

Some sellers offer their kittens of 5 or 6 weeks old at $350/ kitten. It may seem like a bargain but it is actually not. Kittens at such ages are not vaccinated and are more prone to health problems as they are separated from breast milk at too young of an age.

Price of pet-only Devon Rex kittens

On average, a certified and fully vaccinated kitten costs $500 at the very least. If the kitten’s toys, clothes and food are included, you will have to pay more.

Price of Devon Rex kittens raised for breeding or competing

These kittens are more expensive than pet-only ones. The better their pedigree is or they more tricks they know, the more their prices get. Nowadays, such a Devon Rex is at least $1000/ kitten.

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Devon Rex price range. Where to find Devon Rex kittens for sale?

Where to buy Devon Rex kittens

Pet selling websites

  • – You can visit the website: and type “Devon Rex” into the search box, the search results for Devon Rexes currently for sale will appear. The description of kittens shows up when you click on their pictures or the title of the search result.
  • – This site is not a pet classified website so the approach is different. You must choose breeders displayed on the site, then call them or visit their website to find your most ideal Devon Rex.

Devon Rex price range. Where to find Devon Rex kittens for sale?

Reputable Devon Rex breeders

1. Night Magic Cattery

As a member of TICA and CFA with more than 10 years of experience in breeding the Devon Rex (since 2005), this breeding farm is home to many beautiful and lovely Devon Rexes. On their website, there are two categories: kittens and adults to facilitate your search. If you are looking for a kitten, choose the tab “Available Kittens”. Otherwise, select “Available Adults”. It should be noted that waiting list is not applicable here, instead, they apply “first come, first serve” policy. Therefore, if you like any cats here, remember to place your order soon.

You can find more information and contact them at:

2. Jennel Rex Cattery

With her passion for breeding the Devon Rex, the owner established this cattery in 1999. Having gone through a long way to finally be able to stay with her current job, she puts a lot of effort on breeding and raising her cats. You can find photos of new litters in tab “New Litters” on and contact the owner for more information.

Devon Rex price range. Where to find Devon Rex kittens for sale?

Want more recommendations?

You can search on the following websites for more reputable Devon Rex breeders in American.

The origin of Devon Rex

Little Kirlee was born in Devon, England in 1959, initially misunderstood as having the same genetic pattern as the Cornish Rex, a cat breed appearing a decade earlier near Cornwall. However, the test results showed that Kirlee was another cat breed, another result of natural gene modification. Kirlee had a curly coat. No one knew anything about his ancestors. It is possible that both of his parents were wild cats with curly coat.

Devon Rex price range. Where to find Devon Rex kittens for sale?

Kirlee became the first generation of a new cat breed, the Devon Rex, named after his birthplace – Devonshire and his Rex-like curly coat. In 1968, this breed was brought to America, before getting recognized by CFA in 1979.

Characteristics of the Devon Rex


The Devon Rex is medium in size, with a weight of around 4.5 – 9 pounds (2 – 3.5 kg).

Often referred to as “pixie cats”, the Devon possesses an unmistakable appearance: unusually large ears that grow in the lower part of the head, the root of the ears is large and getting smaller when reaching the top of the ears. The head is V-shaped and extends to both sides. Their cheekbones are high, the nose is short, the eyes are oval-shaped and large. Their whiskers are so short and so curly that they are like nonexistent.

Devons are slim with long, slender but strong limbs. The tail is long and covered by a short coat.

Devon Rex price range. Where to find Devon Rex kittens for sale?


The Devon Rex is moderately active. They enjoy everything and do not want to be left out during activities. They love people and attention. Asides tricks and games, puzzles and interactive toys are ideal for their creativity. Give them a toy and they can create a ton of games out of it.

The Devon likes to eat together with the whole family. They are very gluttonous (they are sometimes called food hunters) so you need to pay attention to their diet to avoid obesity.

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