Sakura Akita – Japanese Akita Inu Breeder in Sainte-Martine, Quebec, Canada

Sakura Akitas has established 20 years ago as a responsible breeder of Japanese Akitas. Certified in dog training and behavior counseling (Dip. DTBC, Dip. ADT), Sakura Akitas is registered with Akita-Inu Hozonkai (AKIHO). They are also members of AKIHO North America and JACA (American Akita Club of Japan).

Sakura Akita - Japanese Akita Breeder in Sainte-Martine, Quebec, Canada

Thanks to the investment in breeding quality, based on the great love for this breed and non-profit operational criteria, all generations of Sakura Akitas are outstanding. They can become a great companion with strong physical strength, beautiful body, silky fur, loyal and pleasant temperament.

Although there are many branches of Sakura Akitas in different countries, their customers are carefully selected in terms of economic conditions, care ability… through interviews. Based on their prestige, Sakura Akitas is responsible for all dogs that they have sold, especially in the matter of health care. They are willing to replace or compensate equivalently if their dogs have health problems. However, this case is very rare.

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Sakura Akita - Japanese Akita Breeder in Sainte-Martine, Quebec, Canada

Sakura Akita Details

Breeds are raised: Akitas, Boxer

Address: Sainte-Martine, Quebec, Canada.

Phone number: (514) 659-8020

Email: [email protected]

Price: not public


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