Boston Terrier price range. How much does a Boston Terrier cost?

The Boston Terrier is a small dog breed native to the United States. It is a crossbreed between an English Bulldog and an English White Terrier. Adaptable, easy to raise and teach, the Boston Terrier requires little training or care. On average, the Boston Terrier price is around $700 per puppy, and the cost of raising one is about $500 to $800 a year.

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Purebred Boston Terrier Price

Price of pet-only Boston Terriers

Pet-only or limited registered Boston Terriers cost around $600 to $800 each puppy. Such puppies are available at pet shops or classified websites,…

If your intention is not to professionally breed, but to own a Boston Terrier for your passion, then a pet-only Boston Terrier is your best fit.

You can find puppies in such price range on the following websites:

Price of purebred Boston Terriers with full registration

Fully registered Boston Terriers with breeding rights can be only found at professional breeding farms. Their prices fluctuate greatly depending on their lineage, pedigree and breeders,…

An ordinary pedigree Boston Terrier with full registration typically costs between $1200 and $1700. The one of superior lineage will be more pricey. Such Boston Terriers normally cost from $1700 to $4500/puppy. To get the top-notch Boston Terriers, you may need to pay a much higher price and book several months in advance.

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Boston Terrier price range. How much does a Boston Terrier cost?

You should refer to AKC Market Place or professional breeders for fully registered purebred Boston Terriers. Following are some of such breeders:

How much does it cost to raise a Boston Terrier?

The regular cost for a Boston Terrier is not very high, around $800/year on average. The cost includes food, regular health check-up, nail and fur care, cleaning tools,…

In the first year, you may need to pay for initial cost of about $500 to $1000 on new pet items such as bowls, toys, cages,…

Characteristics of purebred Boston Terrier


The Boston Terrier is compactly built and toned, weighing between 9 and 25 pounds (4 to 12 kg). They have large round bulging eyes and two erected ears on the head. Their head is quite large and square. Their face and nose is slightly crooked but well balanced with the head.

Their smooth and short coat is never single-colored but typically a combination of white and black, brown or brindle. Their tail is straight or slightly curved and at a lower position than their body.

Boston Terrier price range. How much does a Boston Terrier cost?


The Boston Terrier has a pleasant and docile nature. They are gentle with children, elderly and even strangers. They are also friendly with other pets. They are obedient and not destructive.

Boston Terriers love learning and are obedient so it is not hard to train them. Their intelligence ensures that they can learn everything quickly. However, sometimes they can get quite stubborn, which means some persistence from the owner is necessary.

While this breed is particularly easy-going, it has a rather strict requirement for its owner, who is expected to be confident and courteous. If the owner is not up to their standards, they may only trust themselves and become very difficult to train. To Boston Terrier, there is only one possibility out of the two: the owner taking the lead or they becoming stubborn.

Boston Terrier price range. How much does a Boston Terrier cost?

The Boston Terrier’s health

The Boston Terrier has a life expectancy of 10 to 14 years or more if well-cared for. The health problems this breed often has are allergies, dislocated joints, deafness, seizures, corneal ulcers, and disability to withstand excessive anesthetics or heat.

They can also have heart and skin problems. Their protruding eyes are vulnerable. Boston puppies may also have trouble breathing when stressed by hot or cold weather. It is difficult for them to give birth due to their narrow pelvis and big head. Therefore, the Boston Terrier usually gives birth by caesarean section.

The Boston Terrier requires some comfortable space to exercise. The owner should take them for a walk and have a daily exercise regimen. A long walk and playing around in a yard is all they need to stay in shape. You should also regularly trim their nails, take grass out of their ears, wash their face every day and carefully clean their eyes.

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