Akita Inu temperament. Japanese & American Akita characteristics

The Akita, or the Akita Inu (in Japanese, “Inu” means “dog”), is a large &  powerful dog breed, declared Japan’s national treasure and national dog by the Emperor of Japan. The Akita is the most loyal dog in the world, with many other fine qualities unique to this breed. In this article, we will share with you details about characteristics & temperament of purebred Akita Inu. 

Akita Inu temperament. Japanese & American Akita characteristics

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Purebred Akita characteristics

The Akita is classified as a Spitz dog, characterized by its large size, double coat, strong body, muscles and endurance. A grown up American Akita has a height of 60 – 70 cm and a weight of 35 – 55 kg. The Japanese Akita is smaller, only 45-60 cm tall with a weight of 25 – 40kg. Akitas have a strong, firm and muscular body. The proportion of their length, height and head is perfectly balanced, giving them an elegant and noble appearance.

Akitas have a medium-sized head, a wolf-like triangular face and a flat forehead. Between the forehead is a furrow dividing the face into two equal halves. Their snout is short and small but extremely strong. Their teeth are sharp, which makes them the most successful hounds and guard dogs in Japan. Their coat is very thick and soft, coming in white, white – black, sepia, yellow, black. Pure black is not considered the coat color of a purebred Akita.

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Akita Inu temperament. Japanese & American Akita characteristics

Akita Inu Temperament

The Akita is a stubborn and difficult to teach. Only when they are familiar with the owners do they become docile, dedicated and loyal to them. These dogs are very strong and independent. They do not like being pampered or cuddled. Highly wary of strangers, they are excellent as guard dogs. Akita’s dominant instincts are strong. They always try to take the leading position and often threaten the others if there are any signs of opposition.

Loyalty is the most precious quality of the Akita. The story of 10-year-old Hachiko waiting for his owner (as mentioned above) is a proof to any suspicion of this breed’s loyalty. Besides, Akitas are extremely brave. Fear almost does not exist in the instincts of this breed. They are ready to attack much stronger opponents to protect their owners and territories.

Akita Inu temperament. Japanese & American Akita characteristics

With their strong and muscular body, endurance, courage, dedication and loyalty, it is irrefutable that the Akita has a high status in Japanese society. Used to be precious pets of noble families, today, the Akita is the most reliable breed in the world.

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