Vital Tips to Keep Your English Bulldog Safe While Using a Dog Collar

If you own an English bulldog, then you know how aggressive they can get. Do not be alarmed though, being a parent to them is a rewarding experience.

You will be pleased to learn that there are many reputable sites around the web that can help you get a great dog collar for your English bulldog.

Now, you can keep them under control by getting the right dog collar for them but how do you keep them safe while using the collar?

In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to ensure that your pooch remains safe even when wearing their collar. Keep it here to learn more.

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Never Leave your Dog Unsupervised

As long as your pooch has their collar on, never leave them unattended. Think about all the things that could happen while you are not looking. For instance, the collar could be stuck and end up choking your pooch.

Keep an eye on your dog whenever they are in a collar to avoid such tragedy.

Pick one with Reflective Strips

If you like to take your English bulldog for walks especially at night, you need to get a collar with reflective strips.

This will come in handy in case your dog strays or escapes from their collar as the reflective strips will make it easy to locate and identify your dog.

Remove the Collar Whenever your Dog is playing

Dogs are naturally playful so stopping them from doing the same can prove to be futile. You also want to allow them to play as it exercises their muscles and helps release their pent up energy.

The only thing you want to do is remove their collar before letting them out to play. Chances are that the collar will get stuck in another dog’s mouth while playing and breaking their jaw or worse still cause choking.

If your pooch must have their collar on while playing, ensure that it comes with a quick-release buckle or one that automatically opens under pressure to reduce the chances of fatalities occurring.

Do Not Tie your Dog in High Surfaces

You may be tempted to tie your dog on a high surface such as a deck to reduce chances of them escaping but we can tell you for sure that it is a dangerous thing to do.

Should your pooch try to jump down or slip with their collar on, they may choke and you do not want that do you?

Watch Out for Collar Tags

Did you know that the wires attached to your dog’s crate can entangle themselves with the tags on their collar? Of course, you will not like it when this happens since your pooch will either be injured or choke.

However, you can avoid such by taping down the tag on their collar or pick one that comes with a pocket to keep the tag.

Then again, you can have the tag stitched with your number or get one with ring tags that will bend and open under pressure to avoid entanglement.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous precautions that you can take to protect your dog when they have their collar on just from instinct.

Nonetheless, we have put down the aforementioned ones just to take the guesswork out of it all. By following these tips, you can avoid the potential danger of your pooch suffering avoidable tragedies.

In case you need help picking out a collar for your dog, you can seek it from a dog trainer or consult online sources. By so doing, you can access the right collar that will guarantee your dog’s comfort as well as your training goals.

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