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Pet parents in Port Coquitlam can train their pups any time of the year, but it can be most amusing during the month of January. That claims to be “National Train Your Dog” month. While dogs become such a part of our lives, more like children than pets, it can seem as though they lack the ability to learn from training or be taught tricks.

Still, the process can be joyful and humorous at times. Though it might seem impossible, it’s genuinely not. These little guys might make it appear they’re incapable; it’s more about stubbornness. With patience, positivity, practice, and adequate methods, almost every pup can learn.

Cool Tricks To Try With Your Pooch

As a pet parent in Port Coquitlam, BC, there is a specific responsibility and commitment that goes with that role, including teaching the animal in order for them to have structure and behave appropriately for their safety and well-being and to get along well in the household.

If you face challenges in training, there are reliable, reputable, and trusting services – check out https://www.gooddog.ca/dog-training-coquitlam, meant to help pet parents get started on the path to working more proactively with their pups.

As January approaches (National Train Your Dog Month in some areas), it’s a fun time to set out and see what you can teach your dog. Set a goal each week during the month for a bit of challenge, something small and achievable.

Port Coquitlam Dog Training Classes

See if you can work on it a little bit each day so the puppy can accomplish the task by the end of the week. If so, have a huge celebration in his honor; if not, massive celebration anyway. Some of these might be a little advanced to learn in a week but let’s look at some cool things to teach pup as a pet parent.

● Kiss: This will likely be achievable in a few hours, depending on the dog. Most dogs are ready to wrestle their human to the ground and shower them with love (and vice versa). But how can you teach a dog that might come from a shelter with fear and anxiety to kiss?

The suggestion is to use something like masking tape attached to your hand, a clicker, and treats. Each time the dog successfully responds to the command kiss on the tape with the clicker, he receives a reward.

It takes a lot of time and patience until the tape ultimately reaches the cheek, and then no tape. As time passes, this will develop into the mounds of hugs and kisses we’re all used to on a daily basis.

● Shake hands: Many breeds have a habit of tapping at your hand with their paw. They either want their belly rubbed or want you to take them out or give them food. There’s a definite need when they do this – it means pay attention.

If you choose, you can use this to form a handshake by placing treats in your hand to which they’ll have a solid desire to get to. If you give the command “shake,” the dog will ultimately develop the pattern over several efforts.

But then you run the risk of losing the ability to know when the puppy is hungry or needs to go out or wants that tickle.

Final Thought

The “trick” to teach your fur baby the different commands and varied tricks is to be patient and positive. No animal will learn from a pet parent that is abrasive or negative. That instills fear and has no place in the training or adoption of an animal.

If you feel that you don’t have the necessary skills but want to learn alongside your dog, it’s essential to reach out to a training resource in Port Coquitlam, one of reputation, reliability, and that you can trust.

All that you gain in classes with your puppy will carry over and serve you both well at home, helping to establish the bond that is so important in a dog-pet parent relationship. See here essential dog commands. It’s okay to say you don’t know where to begin; some people do. Reach out.

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