Workouts for Dogs: 7 Exercises to Help Your Pet Get in Shape

Most dogs require 30 minutes to two hours of exercise every day, depending on the breed.

Not only does this daily amount of exercise promote good health, happiness, and overall well-being for your dog, but it’s also a great way for you and your four-legged friend to bond.

But sometimes, walks don’t work out. Whether it’s because of inclement weather, a behavioral issue, or simply because you’re just not feeling it, you should know that there are other ways to keep your pooch in shape!

Workouts for Dogs: 7 Exercises to Help Your Pet Get in Shape

Here are seven of the best workouts for dogs that don’t require a leash (or for you to leave the house)!

The Seven Best Workouts for Dogs

If you’re searching a way for your dog to release some energy while keeping him in shape, you’ve come to the right place. These easy exercises are a walk in the park!

1. Stairs

Utilizing the staircase in your home is a great way to wear out more energetic breeds, and it requires little work on your end.

Throw your dog’s favorite toy up to the top of the stairs and have him fetch it. The incline of the stairs paired with his determination to chase the toy allows for a full-body workout. As he climbs the stairs, he’s using a variety of different muscles that wouldn’t be used during a simple walk.

Do this a few times and your dog will be winded and satisfied!

2. Treadmill

Yes, you can actually train your dog to run on a treadmill!

A short session on a treadmill’s slower setting will allow your dog to receive a healthy dose of indoor exercise. Of course, make sure he’s supervised at all times while running on the machine and don’t ever tie his leash to it.

Use treats as rewards every time your furry friend runs on the treadmill and he’ll be more encouraged to initiate this hands-free workout next time!

3. Indoor Fetch

On a rainy day, curb Fido’s boredom by bringing the game of fetch indoors!

Toss his favorite ball or toy all around different areas of your home, making him sit and wait for your command before he goes after the item. This will encourage obedience and allow your dog to bond with you as a master.

You can even make the game more interesting by hiding the toy somewhere in the house and having your dog try to go and find it. Once he retrieves the toy and brings it back to you, reward him with a treat.

4. Tug-Of-War

Is your dog into tug-of-war?

Awaken his inner beast by indulging him with a game of tug-of-war. Rope toys work best for this game since they allow some space between your dog’s jaws and your hands, but really any toy can work.

Be careful not to yank too hard on the toy or else you might risk hurting your dog’s teeth or jaw.

Check out this Twitter clip of the most adorable tug-of-war game ever! Want to download this? Click this link to learn how you can download Twitter videos to your Mac:

Workouts for Dogs: 7 Exercises to Help Your Pet Get in Shape

5. Training Session

Having a training session with your dog on basic obedience or tricks is another great way to stimulate your dog’s mind and muscles.

Choose a place in your home free of distractions and call your dog in. Use treats to reward him after doing a simple trick like sitting or giving you his paw. Start out slow at first, and the more training sessions you complete with your dog, the more tricks he’ll be able to learn.

Need help knowing where to start? Here are some of the easiest tricks you can teach your dog!

  • Sit
  • Shake
  • Lie down
  • Stay
  • Speak
  • Roll over

Most dogs are very receptive when it comes to basic training. Be sure to end the sessions before your dog becomes disinterested or tired; this will ensure that you’ll leave him wanting more.

6. Treat Foraging

It’s time to put your four-legged friend’s sniffer to the test!

Grab a few of your dog’s irresistible treats and call him to you. Show him the treats but don’t let him have any just yet. Have him sit and stay if he can, but if he doesn’t know this yet you can have a friend or family member restrain him.

As he’s sitting or being held back, go and hide the treats in places within dog-reach all around the house. Try to do this quickly so that you don’t lose your dog’s attention!

Once the treats are hidden, command him with excitement to “find it!” It might take a few tries to get this workout down, but once your dog finds the treats make sure you praise him.

7. Swimming

Whether you own a water-loving breed or not, lots of dogs love to make a splash every now and then!

This aquatic activity isn’t just cute to watch either. In fact, swimming is one of the best exercises a dog can do! It requires a large number of muscles to be employed and promotes a healthy heart and lungs.

If you have a pool in the backyard, let Fido go for a swim. To make it even more fun, throw on your swimsuit and join him, bringing a ball to play some games in the water. Swimming is also a great workout for humans, too!

If you don’t have a pool, don’t worry. Pack up your pooch in the car and drive to a nearby creek or lake and let him go for a dip. Just make sure that you choose an area that’s safe!

Wag On

It’s crucial to your dog’s health and happiness that he gets the right amount of exercise each day. Not only does exercising with your dog strengthen the relationship between you in him but in some cases, it can even help him live longer.

Now that you’ve learned these seven simple workouts for dogs, your dog can start getting the daily exercise he needs if walking isn’t possible! You can look forward to having a leaner, healthier, and happier dog.

If you found the information in this article helpful, be sure to check out the rest of our posts about all things pets!

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