Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree – Cat Tower with Condo

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Material Engineered Wood
Color Beige
Brand Go Pet Club
Product Dimensions 22 x 33 x 72 inches; 52 Pounds
Target Species Mouse

About this item

  • COMFORT AND ENTERTAINMENT FOR YOUR CAT: Your cat need a space of their own to rest and play. They can take a nap or play around as much as they want; this cat tree lets your cat be more active. The Go Pet Club cat tree is durable enough for endless amount of playtime for your cat.
  • FUN PLAYHOUSE: The quiet and roomy condo allows for your cat to nap without any disruptions; perches with raised edge allow more safety and support for your cat.
  • 15 Levels | OVERALL SIZE: 33″ W x 22″ L x 72″ H
  • OTHER DIMENSIONS: Base Board Size: 23″ W x 21″ L, Size of Top Condo: 12″ W x 12″ L x 9.5″ H, Size of Bottom Condo: 18″ W x 12.5″ L x 11.5″ H and Top 3 Perches: 13.5″ W x 13.5″ L x 2.5″ H
  • SISAL-POSTS AND TOY MICE: sisal-covered posts add more fun for playtime. Reinforced posts wrapped with natural sisal rope keeps your cat from scratching your furniture and allows your cat to have a fun way to exercise. The toy mice are bound to keep your feline friend busy and give them a unique way to play, so your cat never runs out of things to do.
  • MATERIALS: Compressed wood, faux fur, sisal rope
  • For medium to large size cat
  • Assembly instruction and tools included

10 reviews for Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree – Cat Tower with Condo

  1. Willow

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     My daughter’s cat, Ushi, loves to be up as high as he can be, and also loves looking out the window. So a very tall cat tree parked in front of a window was just what he needed. It was super easy to assemble, no broken or missing parts, seems pretty sturdy. Just a note on the directions. Don’t always go by the drawings in the directions. There are measurements in the drawings, too, and they are going to direct you better than the drawings will. But it really amounts to common sense and I didn’t have any trouble assembling it myself in about 20 minutes. Ushi has been jumping on and off and playing on it, and it wobbles just very mildly, but not nearly enough to make me worry that it’ll tip over. I think if people have wobbly ones, maybe they need to check to be sure everything is screwed in firmly. That could be part of the reason in some cases.Some reviewers mentioned that they chose to remove the ladders since adult cats generally jump over them, but I think they help stabilize it a little, so I’ll probably leave them on, especially the bottom ladder since it sort of acts as an additional “leg”. As other people experienced, our cat was investigating, scratching and climbing on it before I even had it assembled. I did spray a little bit of cat nip spray over it just so he would know it’s his, but it probably wasn’t necessary. Still, it made him giddy and happy for his first impression of it.Unlike some of the negative reviewers, I don’t see this falling apart any time soon. Sure, the fabric might get shredded by his claws (I might attach pieces of Berber carpet over it when that happens), but I think that’s the point of having it, so the cat shreds his OWN furniture and not yours!I left the toy mouse attached because I can’t see that short of an elastic string being long enough to cause a strangulation hazard. Maybe it’s longer on some of them, but it doesn’t seem dangerous to me. If he pulls it off, I’ll cut off the string, but he hasn’t detached it yet.I can’t speak for longevity, but I’ll update if it falls apart too soon. It seems pretty sturdy to me, no cracks or soft spots in the pieces. I think this will satisfy his need to be high up, look out the window, and occasionally go somewhere where the dogs won’t bug him. He’s a friendly cat, but he just hissed at one of the dogs for going too close to it, so I think he has staked his claim to it and doesn’t want the dogs touching HIS property!

  2. Poopie

    We absolutely love it! First of all, we have Amazon Prime so it came right away. Second, the beautiful, lush, faux fur feeling, black material looks and feels amazing. Third, but most important, my cat Kaner (named after #88 Patrick Kane) loves it! Full disclosure: I did sprinkle catnip all over to help entice him onto the tower/tree/condo/whatever, which sped up the curiosity and exploration process. Okay, onto the in’s and outs of this bad boy:1. Looks absolutely gorgeous! We bought the black one because our living room is red and plus black pretty much goes with just about any color.2. What surprised me (positively) is the way the material feels. If my wife wouldn’t leave me for it and my cat wouldn’t claw at anything dangling – I’d be climbing all over this thing, butt-naked, myself! It’s so unbelievably soft and like I said it feels like a faux fur coat; like mink or something. I’d assumed it was going to be like carpet or rug material. That being said, Kaner has no problem climbing all over it, he’s like Spider-Man on there.3. It was extremely easy to assemble. Me being the manly-man that I am, busted out the toolbox and random drill bits expecting to tangle toe to toe with this beast for a few hours. Nay, the hardware included a little allen wrench/philips screwdriver to handle all my fastening needs. In the box was a single sheet of paper with clear and concise directions explaining how to assemble this, like I was a 4 year old (that’s not an insult and very, very much appreciated). It took me about an hour to put it together and would have been even quicker if Kaner hadn’t been jumping on every level I attached.4. Kaner the cat, is in love with his new place. I bought this thing to put on the screened porch in the summer and bring it back in for winter. While the package does feel a little heavy, it is much easier to move around once assembled so you can change the look of your house, Feng Shui it up or just move it around to find that perfect spot. However, when picking it up, try not to go towards the cat with it. I made that mistake moving it from living room to porch; trapping him in the narrow hallway and it scared the crap out of him (metaphorically). The condo/tower/tree/whatever looked as if it had just got up on its own and started coming for the cat. Hence, the catnip. Once my little junkie cat got a whiff of the good stuff he started to explore level by level. Within 20 minutes he was totally high (both figuratively and literally) on the top shelves trying to murder the minute mini mouse.To sum up: if you’re on the fence about buying; just do it. Your cat will thank you as well as your wallet and temper. If you DON’T have a cat/significant other and DO have a windowless room: buy it and climb naked.I’ll try and remember to update later as to the endurance of the new cat home, see if it can handle the mighty claws and jaw of Kaner (he was biting the scratching posts for some reason) but it seems really sturdy and feels well made. Oh, the minor, minor negative (so minor I wasn’t even going to mention it, but some people…right?) was little fuzzy black things flying around the box and during assembly but the vacuum took care of that.Pros:Cat loves itBeautiful to look atPleasurable to touchEasy assemblyQuality partsCons:Little fuzziesMy cat’s an addict

  3. Lucy

    We did a fair amount of research on cat trees before making this purchase, including visits to pet stores and reading reviews. We decided on this cat tree because of the high volume of positive reviews. The tree was easy to assemble and is now a sturdy & beautiful addition to our living room. More importantly, our kitty absolutely loves it. In fact, on the first day, she spent several hours hanging out there – exploring, playing, and napping. I’d also like to address two reviewer’s criticisms; First, that they found the tree was wobbly. The support beams come in 3 different lengths. It is important to follow the directions carefully and make sure to install the beams in the correct order. Also, be sure to tighten both the beams and bolts that hold them in place securely. The second issue was regarding the danger of the toy hanging over the outside edge of the highest platform. The simple solution is to turn the top platform so that the toy hangs toward the center of the tree. In our search, we found trees that cost twice as much, but not even close in terms of value. In closing, this cat tree is a tremendous value for the dollar.

  4. S. French

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     This is easy to assemble. I had help from my son, which makes it easier for lining up holes, but it could be done by one person. I read other reviews that said it was unstable, not at all. I have two kittens that run and jump at it, climb it, and hang out on it all of the time and it’s extremely stable. They absolutely love it. It’s very tall, and with little kittens we removed the highest platform for the first few weeks until they were used to it. Lots of places to sleep, climb, and play. My one wish would be there there was a hole on the back side of the lowest box so they could go through to the adjacent platform. they generally have to jump down from that box when on top of it, since the ramp goes from the “door”. They are very tiny kittens, but are mastering that now. The price is excellent. I did comparisons at the local pet shops and they are easily twice as much for towers that aren’t as tall or with as many different platforms. Would recommend to my friends. (sorry the images are rotated, I tried multiple times to get Amazon to upload in the correct orientation!)

  5. BK

    2 1/2 Year update: It’s still in one sturdy piece. My one cat that uses it goes up and down it wildly sometimes, which lead to the very top piece loosening and wobbling. Tightening the bolts back down remedied that and it’s back to holding firm, so keep your included allen wrench handy, you may need it.UPDATE: Nearing the 6 month mark and this thing is still holding up great. One cat could take it or leave it, but the one that likes it, she’s constantly up and down it, and always roughly playing with the hanging mouse. The whole thing will sway a bit, but there isn’t any give or structural damage to things like the support pillars. I’m guessing people who have issues didn’t put it together properly (most likely over tightening and breaking the support post seals).This cat tree is really sturdy surprisingly for its price. The instructions are simple diagrams Ikea style and easy to follow. A tool is included for the few spots you’ll need it, but the areas attached to posts are pretty much tool-less.I wouldn’t recommend leaving the ramps off like some people are for a couple of reasons. First, ramps actually bolt onto the underside of the platform tightly, so the lower ramp helps provide extra stability to the tower like a kick stand. Second, while the cats don’t “need it” to get up, mine certainly use them going down, specifically the upper ramp.It took a bit for my two cats to get use to it. My younger cat was up in it immediately. She played with that hanging mouse for about 2 hours. The older cat didn’t mess with it much at first, but he has taken to climbing up it now as well. Currently as I write this they’re both sleeping up in it. :)So yeah, definitely recommend. I don’t know what the deal with some of these peoples’ pictures is, if maybe humid climates are worse for it or something, but I can’t see my cats causing that kind of damage to it.

  6. melissa j czubat

    I read tons of reviews on cat furniture, this was so easy to put together, my rescue kitty had fun just with me putting it together alone! I have it on my lanai and he can not get enough of it!!!! He loves it! My neighbor even sees him playing on it while I’m at work. The hanging mouse lasted all of 2 hours but we hung new ones! I sprayed it with spray on cat nip and he is scratching away on the posts. Loves sitting on the highest platform! Very roomy and perfect for any size cat! I’m a very picky shopper and am very satisfied with this cat condo!!! He loves it! Super soft carpeting also!


    We have multiple cats and wanted to get a tree that could accommodate all of them comfortably. Unfortunately, none of our pet stores carry trees even close to the size of this one, and they’re all more expensive!We got the 50+ pound box in the mail today, and every piece was packaged in such a way, that the journey through the mail didn’t harm them at all. It was easy pulling everything out of the box, and I actually enjoyed building it. My cats took to it immediately; they continued climbing to the top as I got further into assembling each story. By the way, this tree is REALLY tall. At least to me, and I’m 5’3″.I think this tree is made of quality materials and I am really happy my cats have a new tree to play/sleep on! I DEFINITELY recommend it to anyone with multiple cats! Thus far, my biggest cat(I have no idea how much she weighs, but she’s GIGANTIC) has sat on even the smallest bed(s) on top, and she’s fine. Then again, she doesn’t mind the fact that she has some serious muffin toppin’ going on! :PThis tree ROCKS!!!!!! 🙂

  8. JoniVL

    When our pet bunny died we were concerned about our cat, Marley, who was very close to him. She was depressed, didn’t want to play, would only sleep on the spot they used to nap together in, and started throwing up a lot, which was unusual for her. I was worried how she would react when I took his hutch down because she loved to sit on it or next to it to be near him. I decided to get this cat tree hoping it would distract her and maybe cheer her up. Sure enough, as I took the hutch down she hid and peered around a corner watching me in distress. But as I started to assemble the cat tree in the place the hutch had been she got curious and ventured closer. Soon she was playing with the attached mouse on a string. She started sitting on it and within a few days she’s play on it. It’s located next to some windows and she loves going up high on it and bird watching. I think this cat tree has helped her and she has started being more herself. I’m going to try and post photos of her on it (she’s a small, black, fluffy cat).As far as the product itself, it’s what I expected. It is not covered in carpet, but a softer fabric. It certainly isn’t as tough as carpet would be but I think tough enough and she likes the feel of it. Other reviewers have commented that they thought it wasn’t as sturdy as they’d like. I haven’t found that – it seems quite sturdy to me. Like other people, I didn’t include the ramps. They didn’t seem necessary and took up space that could be used for stretching out. I also left off one of the three shelves for the same reason. You’ll see which one in the photo I post.Marley is a small cat- 8 or 9 pounds at the most. The shelves are a good size for her. This product might not work for a large cat, though, as they might be cramped on it.

  9. Angela Evans

    I bought this cat tree about a year and a half ago. I was a little concerned because after it was all built, it felt a little wobbly. I have 6 cats and all have different weights but the biggest one is about 13 pounds and he tends to run as quickly as he can around the living room and then continue to sprint up this cat tree in record timing. This tower is still standing! My cats absolutely LOVE this tree! I’m ready to buy a new one but only because they have scratched all of the string off of the scratch posts. I’m amazed with how stable this tower is especially for the price. You definitely won’t regret your purchase! I have to say, they haven’t used the ramps even a single time. They always just climb up the posts. Who needs tv when you can watch a pack of cats messing around on this all day?

  10. B

    No instructions but there were pictures. My cats couldn’t wait to explore their tree & were climbing all over it before it was completely assembled. They LOVE it! They fight over the top 3 platforms all the time. It seems to be pretty sturdy but I did put it in the corner against the wall just to be safe. My cats have major zoomies & when they’d jump up on their old tree it would almost fall over every time.This tree is TALL! I didn’t realize it was 72 inches tall! But my fur babes love it & I got it at a great pric.The carpeting is very soft.The condos (2 of them with the one I got) are quite large & have many holes to climb through.There’s 3 platforms at the top & 2 in between the top & bottom.2 sets of stairs – so far my cats haven’t used them.There is a cat toy on a bungee that hangs off of one of the top platforms – no issues with this at all so far. So if people are gonna complain about that feature just cut it off. No need to complain about it.There’s lots of scratching posts throughout the tree.All in all this is a great car tree for multiple cats.

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