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PuppyHeaven Unleashes the Ultimate Shih Tzu Paradise: Discover the Latest Trends and Treats

Forget Paris, Tokyo, or the Maldives, the hottest vacation destination for discerning Shih Tzus (and their equally smitten humans) is PuppyHeaven Park! This haven of tail wags and snorts has recently undergone a dazzling transformation, unveiling a wonderland tailor-made for the pampered palates and playful paws of our beloved Shih Tzus. Get ready to unleash […]

Shih Tzu puppies price range. How much does a Shih Tzu cost?

Shih Tzu is a little, long coat dog breed. The origin of this breed is in Asia. It is commonly thought that this breed has come from in Japan (because of the very Japanese name). However, Shin Tzu firstly appeared in China, then in Japan and has became popular in both of countries. Nowadays, Shih Tzu […]