FEANDREA Cat Tree, Large Cat Tower, Cat Activity Center with Hammock, Basket, Removable Fur Ball Sticks

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Material Plush, Sisal, Fabric
Color Light Gray
Product Dimensions 19.7 x 19.7 x 64.6 inches; 39.68 Pounds

About this item

  • GREAT: Our designer of this cat tree thought big! And that’s why there is a wide plate on each level, so even big cats will feel comfortable
  • ALL-IN-ONE AMUSEMENT PARK: Nap, relax, stretch, play…this cat tower—with 2 large perches, 1 cave, 1 hammock, 1 basket, 3 fur balls, and 1 sisal rope—offers endless fun
  • HAVE FUN IN SAFETY: Your energetic cat likes to jump up and down the cat tower? No problem! With a reinforced base plate and an anti-tip kit, this stable furniture is perfect for playing, even with 2 cats
  • FLOAT IN HAPPINESS: The safe and stable basket will make your feline friends feel like they’re floating on a little cloud. They’ll have even sweeter dreams, for sure!
  • SURPRISE YOUR CATS: Treat your feline friends with this cuddly cat condo as a gift, and give them a cozy place to soothe their body and soul

10 reviews for FEANDREA Cat Tree, Large Cat Tower, Cat Activity Center with Hammock, Basket, Removable Fur Ball Sticks

  1. Amazon Customer

    My cats absolutely love this. It is soooo easy to assemble, all the pieces are properly labeled or easy to identify, they give extra screws in case you lose one, and it is so sturdy and strong that my Maine Coon can easily climb around on it and it doesn’t even wiggle. I will definitely be buying this again or one from this company. My only trouble, that doesn’t really matter, is the Wall Anchor is not designed well and is not reliable, but the tree itself is so amazingly strong that I’m not even worried about it.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Wow! Rarely do I leave reviews but I’m thrilled. This is an excellent quality cat tree and was so easy to put together. Not wobbly at all and aesthetically pleasing. I bought this because I had a small cat tree for one cat, but knowing I was adopting another kitten soon I wanted to upgrade to something bigger. I looked at a lot of different ones before deciding on this because of all the features it has. My cat rarely used the small cat tree I had but ever since I got this she has used it every single day! Since adopting my kitten, they both love it and have used all of the areas, and my new kitten especially loves the play area up top.Update: I’ve had this for 4 months now and it’s being used every single day and still looks brand new!

  3. Luke Skilbred

    I bought this model of cat tree after reading reviews for other best-selling sets on Amazon and seeing that they although many were slightly cheaper, they were smaller, had stability issues and/or were seemingly not built for full size cats. This tower did not disappoint!It was easy to assemble, but make sure you wear some gloves beforehand so you don’t scrape your hands up with the twine. Although it included a hex tool, I used a drill with a hex bit on a lower torque setting to make assembly faster and ensure the screws were tightly installed. All the parts were labelled well and the instructions were very clear. Don’t worry about parts because there was an extra of every screw included automatically. Since they don’t come is separate bags, it’s advisable to use a little tray to sort, separate, and identify the different pieces of hardware before you start.Can I just say this thing IS BIG?! I’m a 6′ 3″ guy and was easily able to assemble it, but a person on the shorter side might need to get a chair to put on the last few pieces on top (which simply screw on), but it’s nice especially for cats who like getting up high and looking out from a perch. I have no issues with it’s stability and rigidity. People who are having issues I suspect did not tighten the screws or the poles in (hand-screwed/rotated) securely enough. Again, I used a drill with a hex biy set to a lower torque setting, which I think helped, but also make sure you screw the poles in as tightly as you can without causing damage.It’s only been up for a few dayssince putting it up. My cats are a little skittish and are not too accepting of change, so haven’t totally adopted this as their own just yet, but I’m sure it will come with time. I hope to update this review some time in the future to give an update in regards to it’s long-term durability.

  4. Jodi M

    This condo is very well made and my 11 year old son and husband easily put it together. We used the instructions and the product picture on Amazon for reference. The condo has enough spots were the cats can be separate and not fight for dominance. It’s high enough we’re they can look over my patio fence safely from the window and they love that. It’s easy for them to step down because of how the different levels are positioned. They even love trying to get the toys out as a game since they are removable. I took one of them out to make it easier for them to climb to the top. The top two beds have extra padding so they are very cozy. There are lots is sisal sections for them to claw scratch on. They spend every day on it since we have set it up. It is perfect !

  5. banzaicat

    I’ve had this cat tree about 6 months, wanted to drop in and give it a good review. Has provided lots of cat entertainment. Great to give kitties a place to run and climb, particularly when they hit their revved up/freaking out “moments.” Also good to lob cat toys up there and have them chase. Interestingly I didn’t think my kitty would go for “hammock/basket” but she loves it, you can see it’s a real de-stresser (especially if you put near a sunny window). Just read assembly carefully as fuzzy cylinders can look alike, I remember I had to backpedal a bit but no prob. I didn’t anchor mine to wall but can see would be a good idea with 2 or heavier kitties. As one reviewer mentioned, the little poles with danglies do fall out but only a concern if you have a wee kitten you don’t want hanging on and plummeting, otherwise it’s part of fun. That area is very popular. We are happy with! (I’ve heard of people buying towers cats don’t play on; I’d recommend putting in an area you frequent (especially if only 1 cat), not a darkened hall or back room. Forget your cute living area decor as I did and just give in 🙂

  6. Me

    I was little nervous to purchase this cat tree after reading a few of the reviews in regards to sturdiness and the hammocks ability to hold larger cats combined with reports of missing parts, etc; however, I loved the look of the design and the good reviews out weighed the bad so I decided to give it a chance. Overall, I am extremely happy I did. To start with all 3 of our kittens love it.It did take me about an hour and a half to assemble the entire thing, but overall the instructions were easy to follow and thankfully there were no missing or broken parts. In fact, we ended up with a couple of extra screws which afterwards my husband tripled checked were actually extra and i didn’t miss anything.Our cats our 8, 8, and 10lbs respectfully and all three can play on the thing and it’s sturdy and holds them just fine.My only complaint would be the three poles that hold the string and puff balls simply slide in versus being held with screws so occasionally our kittens are able to pull them out and drag them to various places in our house, but overall, I believe it still deserves a 5 star rating.

  7. margaret moore

    My two 4 month old cats absolutely love this cat tree! They sleep in the wide cat cave and poke their cute little paws and head through the little “window” when playing. They can even walk through the small peep hole window as the material stretches. So cute! Their favorite spot is at the top bed where they can play with the dangling belled ball toys. They use the scratching posts and love climbing all over it to play with each other. I am very pleased it’s made with sturdy quality materials. The fabric is very soft although not too thick. And the beds on top are stuffed and my cats absolutely LOVE sleeping on them! All pieces are marked for easy assembly. It is sturdy but wobbles slightly when cats run all over it. You can secure to wall with attached anchor for more stability if desired. I just have it free-standing by the living room window. Great product for the money! Far less than what you’d pay at local pet stores. I love this cat tree so much I am buying a second one from this company in a different style for the bedroom.

  8. Ginger

    Thrilled that this came 5 days earlier than predicted!I was looking for something that could hold the weight and length of two adult cats comfortably and this fits the bill. It has a very slight wobble but my cats are not bothered by it & I am not concerned–I looked for the sturdiest I could because it is up against a garage door so I have no place to mount it. For those who have more skittish kitties, the kit comes with the hardware to mount it to a wall (though I would upgrade the screw & anchor if I was using it) and a strap attached to the middle. I was pleased to find also that there was 1 extra of each screw–better to have satisfied customers than skimp on parts. There were also replacement balls on elastic & the instructions came with a diagram on the back of how to make the shipping box into a cat house (my cats had a grand time in the box without the modifications lol).I get the sense that this company really cares about cats!

  9. Amazon Customer

    FANTASTIC!! It arrived a week early, maybe because I live in the same state. Regardless, it is here!!! Mostly easy to assemble with only pictures in the manual, but nothing too complicated! Sturdy, lots of fun spots for the kids, I mean cats to play and chill! They have already been all over it, and clearly they highly recommend it…

  10. Ada Roth

    After buying my brothers tree I wanted one as well for me. I bought this larger one because I have a 17lb cat and she does a lot of jumping and is quite large(long) in size. This works great for her. The only thing for me it is a little wobbly when she does go to jump up there or down but that’s because of her weight but it hasn’t tipped over or anything. She uses the box part the most or sits by the balls up top and plays with that. It’s great you can take those each out and play with your cat as well or just leave them attached to the tree for them to play on their own. This has been a great investment for me. It’s very heavy assembly wasn’t to bad either. My cat has yet to try the two top beds,I think she feels it’s to high or she is to big. You can’t go wrong with this tree great price for the value, and it does have where you can attached it to the wall as well.

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