FEANDREA 56.3-Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts, Plush Perches, Hammock, and Condo

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 10 customer ratings
(10 customer reviews)


Material Polyester
Color Light Gray
Product Dimensions 23.6 x 19.7 x 57.5 inches; 19.84 Pounds

About this item

  • Exclusive Luxury for Cats: Your feline friends need a cozy home of their own to play, take a nap or jump around; this cat house is sure to be their dream-come-true
  • All-in-One Relaxing Spot: Roomy condo and large hammock offer luxurious napping experience; soft perches with raised edge allow your cat rest on its head while watching over the house
  • Stability Is Always Priority: Constructed by particleboard and strengthened with battens at the bottom to ensure overall stability; anti-toppling fittings are included for double security
  • Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts: Reinforced posts (dia. 2.7″) are wrapped with natural sisal rope to allow nail scratching and promote exercising; this cat tree is the perfect spot for your cats to jump around
  • Spoil Your Cats: Treat your cat with this scratching tree so he’ll feel loved even when you’re away. Fulfill the wishes of your furry friend and make him happy!

10 reviews for FEANDREA 56.3-Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts, Plush Perches, Hammock, and Condo

  1. Heather

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     It is all we have been looking for!! Sturdy for 3 adult cats to all be on it at same time and one is 28lbs. Princess loves the canopy and lower of 2 beds, biggest guy lives the box and youngest loves the box when it isn’t occupied. They all use the scratch posts and it doesn’t move when they scratch on it. I have it sitting on carpet. After 2 returned purchases that were much too small and misadvertised, this one is the winner and true to its description. Follow installation instructions or you will get ahead of yourself like I did and have to undo some assembly oops. Very sturdy & everything arrived in perfect condition!

  2. Anna

    Okay, so my cats run the place. And they get everything. When I get up in the morning, my first words are, “Do you want a snack?” followed by giving them a few morsels of food until the auto feeder serves them breakfast and 9 a.m. Mind you, the auto feeder is next to their personal water fountain. Not once have I gotten out of bed and heard them say to me, “Let us make you a snack today!” Yes, you can stop laughing now….My girls LOVE to look out the window and love to be high up so I went searching for something i could put up against the un-openable side of the patio door so they could have multiple views of the garden. Yes, this is what I think about. This one seemed like it would be a good size so I took a chance on it. Boy am I glad I did.I live alone and every delivery company, UPS, USPS, etc. just leaves packages in the small vestibule of my condo complex. It’s safe there but they never ring the bell or bring the box up the single, small flight to my apartment. In this case, I had to open the box downstairs and bring up the pieces a few at a time. The box is VERY heavy if you are a small woman. Once I got all the pieces upstairs, I separated them and began assembling it. Of course, I had two inspectors supervising this operation… It was a snap to put together and I had it finished it about 20 minutes time. I did not bring the box up because I think I would have had a Simon’s Cat moment in which the packaging would be more appealing than the cat condo!Once it was in place, it took no more than a minute for the serious inspection to begin. Every last inch of it was checked out before the nods of approval came. They both climbed into the house on the 3rd floor to check out those digs and then the smaller cat plopped herself in the hammock for a nap.If you look at the picture, this condo has SIX floors for them to sit on plus the house on the 3rd floor. How many of you have a six story condo?!? I don’t! They absolutely love it and have slept on every available place on it depending on their mood. It is very well made. There is a small U-shaped piece on the left side that is supposed to be for the cats to use to get to the higher levels. I wondered how necessary it was and the comments suggested that it really is needed. So far, my cats have not used it. they just jump to the 3rd level, climb on top of the house and go to the 5th or 6th level from there. I will leave it there though. You can spin it so it’s not sticking out if you don’t have room. One other reviewer did this and it worked out fine.One thing I will point out is that the material that covers this is not carpet. I don’t know anything about fabric so I have no idea what the stuff is called but it’s very fluffy. The beds are very soft because they have foam in them and the hammock hangs so that is a soft bottom, but the platforms are pretty hard because the covering is not thick. It’s soft to run your hand across but it would be better if there was a thin layer of foam under the fabric to make it just a little more comfy. The cats don’t seem to mind though.The gray was the only color choice I could find. I wish it was tan or even a chocolate brown because it would match my decor better but I have a black TV and entertainment center in the living room so the gray doesn’t look entirely out of place. I am so happy with this purchase and so are the girls!

  3. Scott Lowery

    Love the product from what I can see, but we can’t assemble it because it came with the wrong parts. It came short two parts and with two extra unnecessary parts. We even went to a hardware store to try and find the pieces, ended up buying what we thought was close enough and it was too long. Needless to say we’re not happy after all of that.—————————-Update: Company sent out the parts needed to assemble and offered a partial refund for the inconvenience it cause. Couldn’t ask for better customer service!

  4. D R

    This cat condo turned out to be a good purchase for our two young cats. They both use it periodically throughout the day, mostly for napping. Our 18 year old third cat doesn’t use it at all, but I think his age keeps him disinterested in climbing. The 3 month old cats enjoy the little house, and the upper platforms.The unit assmebles quickly, although there are a lot of parts. Everything is attached by threaded fasteners, some are flush and exposed, but most are hidden by the adjacent component. The only tool needed was an alllen wrench, which was provided. The quality appears reasonable, and I didn’t see any defects or missing parts. There were 2 extra hanging play toys provided, I assume as spares. The little house was unusual- I assumed it had rigid sides, but it actually has a rigid floor and ceiling, and the walls are merely fabric, stretched taught by 4 support poles inside. (Similar to a tent.)

  5. Jaime Byrd

    My cats needed a place up high (and not my dining room table) to escape to when the dog wanted to play and they didn’t. I chose this a few days ago for its lack of a ladder (so the dog can’t join them on it) and for its height. It arrived right on time, delivered in one big box, which was a little heavy but I was expecting that. Sometimes stuff like this has waaayyy too much packaging but this was easy to take out of the box so I could get started on putting it together. It was super-easy to assemble. Some of the other reviews mentioned not being able to connect the rope…I started with that problem, too, until I realized I put the cubby in the wrong spot. I moved that over to the other pre-drilled hole, and the rope was then perfectly simple to connect. My two medium-sized cats love the top perches. The one that hates his dog brother seems to also enjoy the cubby and the hammock. It’s been here for less than 24 hours and so far, I’d say it’s a hit.

  6. Cara DeRosa

    I was searching forever on Amazon reading reviews trying to find the right tree. This one caught my eye but had no reviews so I was skeptical but I liked the way it looked and figured worse case, I can return it. So glad I went for it, I love it and the cats do too! I like the plush fabric, the big house that my 20lb cat fits in, the multiple fluffy perches and scratchers, the hammock and toys. It has all the fun stuff I was looking for and is the perfect height to the window! It was easy to assemble and came with all the parts and tools to do it. Very happy with this purchase!

  7. Christa

    This is a very sturdy, well built cat tree. My adult cat has plenty of room inside the house and on all of the perches. Her favorite spot is the hammock. Before buying, I did quite a bit of research to make sure that all of the surfaces would be large enough for an adult cat. I read about quite a few that looked very nice, but when I read the measurements of the houses and perches, could tell that the size would be an issue for anything larger than a kitten. I am very pleased with this one, as is my cat. While my cat is not huge, this tree would suit cats that are larger. I also wouldn’t worry about sturdiness of this tree for multiple or larger cats. I’m very happy that I got this one.

  8. Amazon Customer

    ATTENTION LARGE CAT OWNERSWe have a maine coone who is getting pretty old (willow). So she is becoming pretty lazy and sleeps most of the day. Given her breed you can imagine how big she is. We also have a BIG black indoor/outdoor tom cat. He is purse muscle and probably about 16 pounds (Rascal). We also have a smaller kitten who is about 7-8 months old (dora).It was pretty hard trying to find something that i felt would work well for all 3. I knew Willow would love a hammock but do to her size i was having trouble. They were all too small, didn’t have full support on the whole hammock, or was too high up. Since she is old I knew climbing to the top washing going to be an option for her. I kinda knew that the others would be happy with pretty much whatever. Just with Rascal being so heavy along with willows size. We needed something that would support a good amount of weight. Plus needed it to be fun for Dora since she is still young and small.After MANY hours searching and checking reviews I decided to go with this. Boy am I glad I did !! It arrived today and we couldn’t be happier.. as soon as I got the hammock secured I put Willow in to make sure it would hold her. No need to even finish putting it together if it wouldn’t support her weight. That was HOURS ago and she has only gotten out to eat and went straight back. She even stayed in it while I finished putting it together.The other two have climbed all over it. Dora loves the toy balls and scratching posts. The very tip top is where Rascal has decided is his spot and it supports him no problem.Only time will tell with how well it holds up. So far so good and we have 3 very happy kitties. I’ll add pictures later

  9. Amazon Customer

    This is a great product. It is sturdy and great for full grown cats. I’ve bought ones in the past that are too flimsy, parts of them are not suitable for adult cats, and material is cheap quality. This one is not like that. All of this tree is functional and my cats loved it from the first day.

  10. Brooklyn54

    WOw this is a beautiful cat tree. When it was delivered in a large box and I opened it and saw all the parts I got a little intimidated but I took a deep breath prayed and went for it. It’s is pretty easy to assemble I must say and I did it all by myself . It’s took me 30 to 35 minutes to screw everything in. Don’t be intimidated it’s easy to assemble just look at the manual and separate the parts and your screws and it will be a breeze. It’s not too big and definitely not to small. It is very sturdy on carpet but I did use the safety screw to put in the wall just for extra security. I don’t even think a big cat could topple this over that’s how stable it is. I bought it for my little kitten and she will eventually grow into it. I wouldn’t recommend this for huge cats or very large cats because it’s just not enough ledge room and a really big cat won’t fit into the box that’s a bed so I would say this is for kittens, small and medium size cats. If you have a large cat I don’t think this will work . It’s really pretty and the kitten seems to like it she’s still getting used to it. The little hammock is so cute. I put my kittens bed on the very bottom shelve. It’s covered all in fur which is so very soft. I am very happy with my purchase and it’s a 5 Star for me. Kid I is her name and she’s in her bed on the very bottom, not sure if you can see her she’s gray and blends right in lol. Your cat will love this tree house.

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