How to Vacuum Pet Hair: Things You Must Know 

Every pet lover benefits from the relief that comes from their pet’s company. The pet’s presence can help them to be socially and emotionally stable. On the other hand, they also bring up an unstoppable mess. One of them is from their hair, and that fact gives the owner a lot of things that should be taken care of to maintain the cleanliness at home. 

How to Vacuum Pet Hair: Things You Must Know 

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It can also affect the respiratory health of your family members. No doubt that the shedding and spreading of pet hairs is something that you want to get away effortlessly. Unfortunately, it’s challenging because it quickly spreads everywhere, and it can even clog your vacuum for high pile carpet and your clothes too. 

Vacuuming is the very first thing that comes to your mind to solve this issue, but you’re reading this to know more tips on how to do it properly and deal with pet hair the best way by using a vacuum.

Things You Must Know 

To begin with, you need to identify the areas that need focus. Most of the pet’s hair is gathered where there is lesser airflow. Those are the areas that are occupied with objects or furniture. It could be under the bed and under the sofa in your living room. 

Then, prepare your vacuum and check if it has suction with great power to ensure that the furs and dirt will not be blown back to the air while using. Also, a vacuum with HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate Arresting) Filter is safer. You can take advantage of the vacuum’s different attachments to thoroughly clean different kinds of surfaces.

How to Vacuum Pet Hair

It varies on what kind of surface the pet’s hair is on, so you need to get familiar with the vacuum’s attachment and its usage. For cleaning the area where the base molding is, a soft-bristle brush is helpful. Use a crevice tool for the areas near furniture or the edges of carpets and the stairs.

Before vacuuming, it is recommended to apply an anti-static spray in the area, especially on carpets, for it will help to get the strands quickly. And to keep free from animal odor, sprinkling some baking soda is one of the easy solutions. For more efficient and energy-saving cleaning, move the furniture first to avoid some trapped hairs. While vacuuming, make sure to slowly run it in numerous directions to loosen the hair from the carpet and be able to fully collect it. 

How to Vacuum Pet Hair: Things You Must Know 

For non-carpeted floor surfaces, you can use dry microfiber dust mops as an alternative but avoid using an ordinary broom. It may push the hairs into the air. When removing pet hairs on furniture like tables or other wooden surfaces, get a cleaning cloth and slightly damp it with water so that the fur will stick on the cloth and keep it away from falling on the ground.

When to Vacuum and Deep Clean

To avoid gathering massive pet hairs in your home, it’s best to vacuum once every two to three days, focusing on where your pet spends most of its time. Deep cleaning is also essential once every three weeks or once a month. Make sure to add this in your routine and schedule, for it has a vital impact on your household.


Together with vacuuming, it is also necessary to give your pet regular baths and consider consulting with a veterinarian on choosing a type of shampoo that will help in minimizing the shedding of hair.  

It is really tough to deal with pet hairs all over your home, but by preparing your vacuum along with its useful tools and applying the techniques mentioned above, you will surely be free from the struggle of maintaining a home with healthy air.

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