How to Clear Dog Tear Stains?

Dogs are cute little creatures that can make space in everyone’s heart easily. Dogs are people’s first choices when it comes to having a pet. However, having a pet comes with various responsibilities, and when you have a dog as a pet, you need to care for them sensibly. A dog is a friendly animal that gets attached to its owner and family member very quickly. Just as humans have emotions, animals do have feelings that they display accordingly.

How to Clear Dog Tear Stains?

Dogs can get angry, emotional, and frustrated. When they get mad, they show unusual behavior like chewing and biting things; on the other hand, they also get moving when they do not get a proper response, care, and attention from their owners. You have to care for a dog like a human baby. When dogs get emotional, they shed their tears; many of you have might have seen some stains on your dog’s face. Their tears can cause stains on their face, which can have a severe impact on their health. Let us understand the whole thing about tear stains, and what causes tear stains on dogs?

What are Tear Stains?

According to studies, tears are good for eye health. They provide eyes with nutrition, improves vision, and prevent the surface of the eyes. However, tear stains in dogs are an overflow of tears collected on a dog’s face. Stains can be caused due to the decreased drainage of tears or an unhealthy quality of tears. The tear stains in dogs look like a band of dark brown, black, or reddish discolored fur under both eyes.

In medical terms, tear stains are known as Epiphora, although it is not a disease but a symptom that can lead to numerous diseases. However, in some dog breeds, it can be a minor issue, while in some others, it can result in severe conditions such as corneal ulcer, glaucoma, or any other infection.

Reasons Behind Dog Tear Stains:

Usually, tear stains happen because of the tear duct system, which doesn’t drain properly. Instead, flowing down to the tear duct system that generally drains tears from the eye’s surface to the nose, the tears flow over the eyelid and onto the face’s surface. Those stains that discolored the dog’s fur under eyes are caused due to the presence of a molecule that contains iron, which secreted in tears. These molecules, when accumulated, results in the dark blemishing. Discussed below can be some of the potential causes of tear stains in dogs-

  • However, tear stains are common in white and light-colored dogs, but tear stains can occur in any dog breed. Some dog breeds are more subjected to tear stains such as the Maltese and Shih Tzus as short-snouted dogs. Because of the head and eye structures, these dogs are more prone to tear blemishing. Also, the staining problem is common in those with dog nose drip This is so as their muzzle and eye placement block the running of tears from their eye sack in the tear duct, which generally drains them away from the eye.
  • If the dog is suffering from an eye infection, it increases tear stains and drooping eyes. Which then results in excess tear stains and bacterial infections because of excess moisture. If the dog tear stains are brownish colored, it may indicate fungal infection on the skin under the eyes, which develops because of the frequent humidity.
  • When dogs have ingrown or abnormal eyelashes, it can rub the skin under the eye and cause frequent irritation and tearing. Another potential reason can be the Entropion; it is a condition in which the dog’s eyelids are folded inwards, which creates soreness in their eyes and ultimately leads to shedding them more tears.
  • A corneal ulcer is another condition in dogs, in which the outer protective layer of their eye gets inflicted, which brings tearing. A corneal ulcer is usually caused because of an injury during their playtime. The condition is also common in cats; many of you might not be aware of any other diseases because of a lack of animal information

How to Clear Dog Tear Stains?

How to Prevent Dog Tear Stains:

Prevention of dog tear stains is not a challenging task; they can be cured with a proper hygiene routine. The following are some tips to prevent stains in dogs-


To prevent dog tears, stain the easiest way is to keep the hairs around the dog’s eyes short and clean. However, some dog breeds do not need regular grooming, while some species need to be groomed frequently. Keeping the dog clean and healthy will reduce the risk of tears and hence tear stains also.


Cleaning is another way to minimize the stains of tears from the dog’s face. Clean the under-eye area of your dog’s face daily, not to leave stains on its face. However, you need to be careful while cleaning and avoid contacting their eyes. After proper cleaning, you can also use a flea comb to remove any remained debris. Use a soft clean cloth to wipe.


Changes in your dog’s diet can also contribute to your dog’s tears stain. Hydrating is essential for dogs as the water breaks down the protein in small pieces and helps to relive skin and eye issues.


Tears in dogs are common and can be prevented with simple precautions. Keeping the dog clean and hygiene will reduce the risk of tear stains. However, sometimes tears can also result in various other infections. Specific effective home remedies can be used to treat dog tear stains. You can use apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to cure tear stains at home.

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