Which Wild Animals Are Dangerous to Your Pet?

As a pet owner, it is part of your responsibilities to be aware of dangers to your pets from wild animals. These dangers are not limited to the wild alone; you can also find them in your backyard. Also, animals can transmit diseases like rabies to other animals. Wild animals can also transmit diseases like canine distemper to your pets. Modes of disease transmission include feces, bite, or saliva of these wild animals, and this is a concern.

Which Wild Animals Are Dangerous to Your Pet?

Because of this, if you are dealing with any infestation that could threaten your pet it is best to hire professional help to keep wild animals away. Here are some common wild animals that pose a danger to your pets with some tips to protect your pets from them.

1. Coyotes:

Coyotes are responsible for the disappearance of many pet dogs and cats every summer. These animals do not just attack and injure your pets, but they actually kill them. If you reside in a coyote area, you should be cautious about letting your cats or small dogs out overnight. Pet food attracts coyotes, so ensure you do not leave pet food out overnight.
Coyotes are smart scavengers, so ensure you also secure your garbage cans. Fortunately, coyotes express their presence in the area through howls and yelps in the evening. They also eat rodents and small birds. Look out for two reflective eyes and keep your pets close.

2. Squirrel:

Squirrels are innocent looking, but they cause severe damage that could require a trip to the vet. It sure does not take a huge or big squirrel to cause some damage. Carnivorous house pets see them as a tasty treat because of their small size, but their sharp claws make them quite tricky to catch. Squirrels attack mostly in an attempt to escape an attack from a pet. Your pet aptly wins the battle, but the squirrel’s sharp teeth and claws can damage some soft tissues. Being mindful of your pet whenever they’re outdoors is the best way to prevent squirrel attacks

3. Porcupine:

When most people think about this rodent, the loosely embedded hairs coating their skin are the first things that come to mind. Even if porcupine quills do not make contact with the skin, they may fly out and lodge in the attacker. The porcupine is intriguing to curious dogs because they look strange and are slow-moving, and this can earn the dogs some unpleasant hours of quill removal at the vet. You may want to prevent your dog from running in the woods.

4. Skunk:

A hyperactive pet may sometimes go into the wild and come back smelly. The skunk gives your pet a treat of a putrid-smelling oily, yellowish liquid that can be nauseating and can ruin your pet’s day. Skunks also have sharp claws that they use to cause severe damage to your pet when the skunk feels threatened. Skunks may not be powerful enough to kill a larger dog, but they are carriers of rabies.

5. Rats:

The significant threat that rats pose is the diseases they might carry. These aggressive, intelligent gluttons do whatever it takes to protect them when threatened. Your dog or cat may emerge the champion, just make sure to check that they do not get injuries during the struggle.

Always ensure that you keep your pet’s play area safe from predators, and you supervise their outdoor time to keep them safe from harm.

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