French Mastiff (Dogue de Bordeaux) price range. French Mastiff puppies cost

The French Mastiff, also known with a popular name Dogue de Bordeaux, is a famous dog breed appeared in a movie with actor Tom Hanks in 1989. French Mastiff is very powerful, brave and can sacrifice themselves to protect their owners. French Mastiff price is about $1,000 per puppy on the average. We will give you information on prices and reputable places to purchase French Mastiff in the article below.

French Mastiff price range. Dogue de Bordeaux puppies cost

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French Mastiff price range

Based on raising purposes (pet or breeding), French Mastiff dog prices can be divided into two main levels. In addition, there is another type of French Mastiff  raised as professional dog; however, this kind of French Mastiff dogs is not sold to the mass, so we will mention them in another article.

Limited registered French Mastiff prices

For limited registered French Mastiff dogs, you can only raise them as pets and they are not allowed to be bred. Their prices are quite reasonable, from $800 – $1200 /puppy. If you just need to raise pets as friends, limited registered dogs will be the suitable choice for you.

Fully registered French Mastiff prices

You will be allowed to breed these dogs but you also have to pay higher cost for them. Prices of fully registered puppies are very varied and depend mainly on the family records, lineages and their breeding farm.

French Mastiffs coming from normal breeding farms will have prices ranging from $1500 – $2000 per puppy. These puppies usually have normal family records and they are often raised as pets.

Miniature Schnauzer puppies coming from famous breeding farm will have higher price, their prices range from $2500 – $7000 /puppy. These puppies usually have better family records, so they are mainly raised for breeding purpose and joining dog shows.

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French Mastiff (Dogue de Bordeaux) price range. French Mastiff puppies cost

Where to buy French Mastiff puppies

Online pet websites

  • – This is a big pet website so French Mastiffs here are extremely diverse. You will have many suitable choices in terms of sizes, colors and prices. This is a great place to refer if you are looking for a French Mastiff dog.
  • – This is probably the most trusted site that everyone knows, AKC Market provides dogs guaranteed 100% in terms of health and you do not need to worried about if you have any problems after picking these dogs here to home because the AKC always give you worthy warranty.
  • – Similar to Hoobly, this is also a comprehensive reputable pet site that you can refer. Puppies here are quite large in terms of number and varied in colors, sizes and prices so you will easily choose a suitable puppy for yourself.

Reputed French Mastiff breeders

1. Dogue de Bordeaux Society of America

As a well-known breeding farm with many years of experience, they have created many healthy and standard French Mastiff dogs. Their customers haven’t complained about quality of their puppies and they also received positive feedback from everyone.

French Mastiff (Dogue de Bordeaux) price range. French Mastiff puppies cost

You can find more information and contact them here:

2. Paragon Bordeaux

This is a large-size breeding farm and their working style is extremely professional. French Mastiff born here will have a spacious, modern, clean living environment and professional trainings. French Mastiffs here are always guaranteed in terms of health and personalities so you can trust this place.

You can find more information and contact them through this website:

3. The Vinyard Bordeaux

Although this breeding farm is not a large and famous breeding farm, they have created many pretty and healthy French Mastiff dogs. Each dog born here has been considered as a member of this breeding farm, so these puppies have the most heartfelt love and thoughtful care. We believe that you will feel secure when you know that your dog has been raise by those who truly love them.

French Mastiff (Dogue de Bordeaux) price range. French Mastiff puppies cost

You can refer more information and contact them here:

Characteristics of purebred French Mastiffs


They have impressive appearance with muscular and strong body. The body is quite stocky and firm. Their height is from 20 to 28 inches (58-75 cm) and they can weigh from 120 to 140 pounds (54 to 65 kg). Their heads are very large and have many wrinkles on the face. The head circumference is the standard for evaluating the beauty of this dog breed. Normally, the larger French Mastiff’s head is, the higher their price will be.

French Mastiff (Dogue de Bordeaux) price range. French Mastiff puppies cost

Their front legs are straight and heavy-boned. Their coat is short and soft, and the popular color is fawn with black or red patches. Sometimes there are white patches but it only appears in their chest and feet.


This dog breed is always full of love and devoted to his or her family. They are kind, calm, faithful and patient with their owners. They have a reputation for being sweet and docile, but sometimes they also arrogant and stubborn.

French Mastiff (Dogue de Bordeaux) price range. French Mastiff puppies cost

They are brave and ready to fight against strangers, so they are one of the best guard dogs. They can be very aggressive towards other dog breeds. There is always enmity among male French Mastiff dogs. Although they look fearsome, they are always gentle with children and family members. However, because of their wild nature, they need to be trained when they were young to be able to control themselves and not accidentally harm young children.


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