How to take care of a Pomeranian puppy?

Raising Pomeranians is not an easy task as they are born picky eaters. They do not like rice and vegetables. Although their favorite food is meat, organs and eggs, you have to force them to eat rice and vegetables, which are high in carbohydrates and vitamins, by grinding meat and mixing it with rice (or porridge) and vegetables (finely chopped) for better digestion. Poms are prone to early tooth loss, so you should have them chew on big bones to help strengthen their teeth.

How to take care of a Pomeranian puppy? Pomeranian care guide

How to raise Pomeranians?

With a small stature and a lovely appearance, the Pomeranian has enjoyed a great popularity all over the world. However, considered a noble dog, this breed is quite needy and difficult to take care of, as Pomeranians have been raised and pampered by noble families for centuries. Moreover, their long and thick coat requires high maintenance, which may be not suitable for everyone. This article will guide you through how to raise Pomeranians, including feeding, grooming and taking care of them.

Temperament & characteristics of Pomeranian

The Pomeranian (or Pom) is a small dog breed of European origin. Poms are cute little dogs with thick, long and silky coat that can be styled in many different ways, from noble to adorable. Teddy Bear Poms have made dog lovers throughout the world go crazy over them. In this article, more information about these lovely dogs will be revealed, including their characteristics and temperament.

Pomeranian temperament & characteristics. Pomeranian infomation

Characteristics of purebred Pomeranians

Modern Pomeranians are quite small in size, with a height ranging from 15 to 25 cm and a weight from 1.3 to 4 kg. It is classified as a toy size (small breeds with a height of less than 25 cm). Some Poms can be up to 35 cm tall and weigh up to 6 kg, but this lineage is not widely bred and less popular.

Boo dog price. What is Boo’s breed? How much does a Boo dog cost?

Boo, one of the loveliest dogs in the world, has become an Internet sensation for many years. By September 2017, Boo has had more than 17 million fans in Facebook and has been considered as the most famous dog in the world. In this article, we will share the story of Boo, and present Boo dog price – all the costs to have a Boo for your own.

Beautiful and Cute Pomeranian Boo Pictures

The story of Boo

Boo was born on March 16, 2006 in San Francisco. Like any other normal Pomeranians, Boo initially has thick, long, smooth and silky coat. However, in 2009, Boo’s owner decided to trim his hair neatly. Boo has had his Facebook fanpage since early 2010.

Pomeranian puppy price range & cost. How much are pomeranian puppies?

The Pomeranian (or Pom) is a very famous dog breed in the world, and first appeared in Germany in the early 16th century. They used to have a great past as the most favorite pet among the aristocracy in many European countries from 16th to 18th centuries. Today, purebred Pomeranian price is quite high for pet Pom puppies. Dogs raised for breeding or participating in dog shows will cost more. We will analyze details of the Pomeranian dog price as follows.

Pomeranian price range & cost. How much are pomeranian puppies?

Pomeranian price ranges

$750 – $1200

This is the price range of limited registered Pomeranians that could be raised just for pet purpose and not for breeding. If you do not care about breeding rights, Poms at this price are also very pretty and suitable for family members. Moreover, their appearances are just a little bit less beautiful than puppies priced higher.

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