Lolavi Beagle kennels – Beagle breeders in Florida

Lolavi was founded in 1965 by Carol Norman and her daughter, Lori Norman. Initially, they had bred another breed. Until 1970, they started breeding Beagles. Since then, they have won many awards in show competitions such as AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Show, the American Beagle Club… Lolavi dogs are registered with their own names, if any dogs have a prefix CH or GCH in their names, it means they are Champions or Grand Champions of AKC.

Lolavi Beagle kennels - breeder in Florida. Beagle for sale price in Florida

Lolavi staffs spend most of their time caring for their Beagles and cherish them like family members to ensure that their dogs are both physically and spiritually developed. Hence, Lolavi Beagles are smart, friendly, brave and loyal companions.

Beagle puppy price range. How much are Beagle puppies?

Beagle is one the most famous and the smallest hound breeds in the world. Since nowadays the hunting needs have been not much, Beagle has been raising as family pets. Currently Beagle price in America is relatively quite low compared with other dog breeds’. The Beagle price ranges popularly from only $200 to $500 for puppies raised for family pet purpose. Besides, Beagle price for puppies raised with other purposes could be a little bit higher. You could have detail information about Beagle puppies’ price in this article.

Beagle puppy price range. How much are Beagle puppies?

Beagle puppies’ price

Depending on raising purposes and individual Beagle attributes, Beagle puppies’ price could be classified in to 3 below main groups.

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