Do cat need wet food every day?

A cat can consume both wet food and dry food. However, a mixture of them is optimum for a cat’s health. Both the dry and wet food has unique nutritional benefits that suit your cat well. All are complete nutritionally. They are all necessary for the growth and development of the cat. The question that comes is, what is the amount of wet food that a cat needs? Does the cat need this type of food daily? What happens if it doesn’t feed on wet food sometimes? How often should we feed the cat with wet food? This article is going to provide you a piece of insightful information on this topic. Read through to find out more.

What is the importance of wet cat food to a cat?

Anything that is consumed by the cat is either good or bad. Usually, the effects come out from the overconsumption of a particular food. To a cat, there is wet and dry food. What is the importance of these wet foods in the growth and health of a cat?

  • Cats need proteins. These proteins are good for developing strong muscles. Proteins too are responsible for the maintenance of the muscle mass of the cat throughout its lifetime. These proteins are found in wet cat food Dubai.
  • Moisture is excellent for fighting kidney problems, urinary tract infections, and dehydration in cats. Most cats that have these problems need a lot of moisture in their bodies. This important nutrient is best obtained from the wet cat food. Moisture helps in washing out the unwanted material from the body of the cat.
  • Wet food is a medium to maintain a strong immune system of a cat. It aids in the digestion of food. In the case that the cat had consumed dry food before, canned food will help in making the digestion easier.

So do cats need wet food daily?

You can feed your cat wet food daily. Depending on the advice of your vet, you can give your cat wet food daily. It has so many benefits that a cat needs daily. The size of the food needs to be taken into consideration too. For an averaged sized cat which is an adult, it will require approximately 3 to 3 pounds every day. However, brands can have variation hence the size in terms of pounds is variable too.

Using the measurements also helps in regulating the amount of food wasted. Canned easily gets spoilt in a very short time. It may not last more than half an hour in an open environment.

Finally, you can feed the wet food to your cat at any time of the day. You may also feed it more than once so that your cat doesn’t look hungry all the time. For cats that have urinary tract problems, the feeding can be done more frequently.

So yes, the cat needs wet food daily, or as per the vet’s prescription.

Which food is best for your cat? Wet or dry food?

As stated earlier, both foods are good for the cat. They are both nutritionally complete. All are made to fulfill a specific purpose to the cat.

The single difference that makes the wet cat food superior over the dry food is because of the moisture content. This component is excellent for the healing of the cat’s body. Wet food is good at providing hydration to the cat. There is ore benefit in feeding your cat both the wet and dry food in alternation. They highly complement each other to provide your cat with the much-needed nutrients. The cat will also have a range of food to choose from.

What is the procedure for serving wet food?

Wet foods are always refrigerated to maintain its freshness. Cats do enjoy the food at room temperature. Always serve the cat with the foods and feed it where it is used to. Serve your cat as much as needed, but in consultation with the vet.


In conclusion, therefore, the cat needs wet food daily. There is no known harm of wet food to a cat. It is good however to feed your cat both dry and wet food daily. Both have important nutritional values that can be derived directly by consuming them. Care must be taken to ensure that stale wet food is not fed to the cat, as it has a short life after the exposition.

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