Things You Need To Know While Travelling With Your Dog

Taking a break from routine life and going on a vacation is always exciting. Before every vacation, pet owners face the same problem. They don’t know whether they should take their four-legged friends on a trip or find a trustworthy pet sitter.

Travelling with your dog might be a lot of work. Let’s not forget that some pets may also experience motion sickness.

However, there are ways how you can make things easier for yourself. Here is what you need to know when travelling with your dog for the first time:

Motion sickness

If you want to take your pup on a road trip, you should definitely learn more about car sickness. According to experts in Ultimate Home Life, puppies are more likely to suffer from it due to their undeveloped vestibular system.

It’s easy to identify the signs of travel sickness: whining, vomiting, crying, yawning, smacking lips, and excessive drooling.

To help your dog, you can lower car windows in order to balance the air pressure inside of the car. Also, consider giving your dog prescription medications. Make sure to consult with your vet at first.

In case you plan to take your pup on a long car trip, consider taking him on a short trip first. It will help him to build a tolerance. If your fluffy friend is nervous, try using different toys and treats. You can also bring his favourite blanket or pillow to help him enjoy the ride.

It’s recommended to feed the dog before the trip so that he will not have nausea.

Make a vet appointment

It’s important to check your dog with a vet before going on a trip. Your vet can also give a health certificate that you will be able to use while travelling with your dog to other countries.

Other than that, the vet can microchip your pet. It will allow your four-legged friend to travel with you abroad. Also, make sure to ask if your pet needs any sedation for the trip.

Pack smart

Travelling with your pet is like going on a trip with a little kid – you need to pack a lot of things! The first and most important thing is food and water. Changing your dog’s food brand while travelling might be a bit stressful.

Also, make sure to pack bowls, waste bags, and supplement for anxiety. If you have a road trip, you should have seat covers and blankets. In some countries, you will also need safety restraints. So, check out the local laws before going abroad.

Every pet first aid kit should include hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointment, rubber gloves, tape and gauze, grooming wipes, and paperwork such as medical record.

Your pet will enjoy the trip if you also pack his favourite toys and treats. During a tour, your four-legged friend will be surrounded by new smells, so having some treats will help you to reward your dog for good behaviour.

To keep your dog under control while travelling, pack restraining items such as muzzles, collars, and leashes.

If it’s your first trip with a pet, consider getting a GPS pet tracking device such as Nuzzle Collar. You can also install a pet travel app that can help you find pet-friendly restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops.

Consider getting pet insurance before going on a trip, especially if you travel abroad.

Find accommodation in advance

Before you hit the road, find a pet-friendly accommodation where you can stay for a night with your fluffy friend. The thing is that some hotels don’t allow pets so if you don’t want any unpleasant surprises on your holiday, do your research at home.

Flying with your dog

In case you need to fly with your pup, check out the airline policies. Most airlines don’t recommend puppies, elderly or sick dogs to fly.

It’s essential to introduce your dog to the carrier a few weeks before the flight. Most probably, you will need to start crate training so that he will not panic during the trip.

Help your dog to minimize the stress by playing a recording of airport sound. It will help him to get used to new noises.

Before the flight, you should take your dog for a walk so that he can burn off some energy. Also, feed your dog and give him water a few times throughout the day. It’s recommended to avoid feeding a dog three hours before the flight.

As you can understand, travelling with a dog requires some preparation and planning. On the other hand, it’s totally worth it. These days, a lot of people travel full-time with their pets, so you can do the same!

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