Chihuahua temperament & appearance. Chihuahua dog breed information

The “charm” of the Chihuahua (or Chiwawa, Kiwawa) lies in its small size, its gentle nature and its diversity in types, sizes and colors (E.g: yellow, brown, chestnut, apricot, silver or a mix of these colors). Strong and agile enough to compete in sports or dog shows, intelligent and easy to train, the Chihuahua has all qualities of a “premium” breed,. In addition, they are also obedient and very close to people. They need a minimum amount of exercise as well as grooming. Because of these reasons, no wonder why the Chihuahua ranks in the Top 10 American dog breeds chosen for pets.

Chihuahua temperament & appearance. Chihuahua dog breed information

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Chihuahua’s appearance

There are two types of Chihuahuas: the shorthaired Chihuahua and the longhaired Chihuahua. These two varieties basically do not have much difference except for their coat length. The more popular of the two is the shorthaired Chiahuahua as they are easier to take care of and do not require much grooming.

The Chihuahua is named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, where early explorers discovered the breed. The Chihuahua is known as the world’s smallest dog, with a size of only 13 – 23 cm and a weight of 1 – 3 kg when grown up. The most expensive and rare Chihuahuas are under 12 cm in height and under 1.3 kg in weight. Despite their small size, they are very healthy. They are not prone to diseases and have a long life expectancy, ranging from 10 to 18 years depending on their living conditions.

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Chihuahua temperament & appearance. Chihuahua dog breed information

Temperament of the Chihuahua

Chihuahuas have a very strong personality. They are playful, active and always love cuddling, which means they often follow their owner everywhere and anytime, when the owner is at home or goes shopping outside.

Chihuahuas tend to bond with only one owner in their lifetime. It is very difficult for a grown up Chihuahua to have a new owner.  Therefore, if you want to adopt a Chihuahua, you should choose a puppy. And unless there is an unavoidable circumstance, you should never sell a Chihuahua that has been attached to you for a long time.

Beside loyal and affectionate, the Chihuahua is also a very bright “student”. They can learn basic verbal and visual commands quickly. Although training Chihuahuas is not a difficult and time consuming task, you need to be gentle. They can get very stubborn if you constantly scold them. Compliments, strokes and some rewards for completing a task will make them listen and love you more.

Chihuahua temperament & appearance. Chihuahua dog breed information

Chihuahuas are excellent guard dogs. They are always alert, barking loudly at the sight of strangers entering their house. They can also become aggressive and bite unfriendly strangers. To other pets, Chihuahuas tend to forget about their small size and often challenge larger dogs, which can be dangerous for them. Therefore, during training sessions, you should teach them how to be friendlier with people and other pets.

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