Can Exotic Animals Be Good Pets?

There is no direct yes/no answer to this; actually, it depends. But for the most part, the opinion tilts to the negative answer. Exotic animals are those which are not regularly considered and kept as pets. Some common domestic pets are cats, dogs, birds, fishes, and so on. The other types of animals whom you see in the cages in zoos, such as tigers, lions, alligators, monkeys, and large snakes, fall in the exotic pet category.

Can Exotic Animals Be Good Pets?

The reasons why someone would like to have an exotic pet can vary from person to person. There are few people who just like to show themselves as different. The danger factor of the exotic animals may attract some. Others want something unique and more challenging and may have become bored with their previous common pets. And some are there who just love animals. Though love is not always going to be sufficient when it comes to taking care of exotic animals as pets, which you’ll discover in the process.

So, here we are going to look into some reasons why exotic animals don’t always make good pets:

The Wildness of The Exotic Animals:

You need to understand that the majority of exotic animals cannot be domesticated. No matter how much love and care it gets when it is raised, being a wild animal, the wild instincts and behaviors will still remain in its genes.

The most dangerous fact is the unpredictability of exotic animals’ nature; the risk of being scratched or bitten is always there, especially when the owner doesn’t have the skills to control that particular exotic animal species. There are few animals that are not suitable for interacting with other household pets and children.

The situation can get worse when these animals are in their breeding season or reached sexual maturity as they become more unpredictable as well as territorial and aggressive.

High Price of Exotic Animals:

To provide the best care for your exotic animal, you’ll need to spend thousands of dollars per year. These kinds of animals have very special requirements for specific diet, habitat, and enrichment, which is very expensive as well as hard to find. But now you can Order Dubia Roaches Online.

But the list of requirements doesn’t end here, and to add more, you need to supply adequate provisions for dietary needs, enrichment/toys, enclosures, veterinary costs, medical supplies, bedding, and so on for them. And the already expensive equipment, supplements, and diets get more expensive as sometimes they have to be shipped from the remote parts of the country.

If you live in an area where the season varies much, then you’ll have to pay a higher electricity bill in order to meet certain lighting/ heating/ humidity needs, which vary among different exotic species. In winter, this is going to leave a hole in your pockets as you might need to set up multiple heating and lighting fixtures for keeping your pet warm.

Exotic Animals Take a Long Time to Adjust:

Most of the exotic animals need a lot of socialization, for which you’ll have to spend a lot of time daily. The pet requires several hours of daily interaction with the owner for proper socialization. You cannot control and handle an animal that is not socialized properly as they can become destructive and aggressive. Thus, you can be at risk of having serious injury by these dangerous animals.

Can Exotic Animals Be Good Pets?

Veterinary Care for Exotic Animals is Expensive:

A very important aspect you need to know before getting an exotic animal is that most veterinary centers don’t see or specialize in exotic birds and animals. This is one of the extremely difficult parts when you need to get treatment for your pet, as specialized veterinary centers are rare, especially when you reside in a rural place. The closest specialized veterinary center can be hours or even states away for the treatment of exotic reptiles, birds, and animals.

Exotic veterinary offices are divided into three categories, depending on the animal group to ensure the best care for the specific animal. Further, keep in mind that specialized veterinarians in avian medicine and exotics charge exorbitant fees, especially in emergency situations. This is why it is essential to find an exotic animal expert veterinarian in your area even before considering bringing the animal into your home.

And don’t forget to consider and calculate the medical expenses for taking care of this animal. Can you pay $1,500 if any medical emergency arises? You should have that amount of resources. There are many cases where owners cannot find an expert vet in their area for their beloved pet, and in others, they cannot afford to pay the treatment cost.

Can Exotic Animals Be Good Pets?

Many Exotic Pets Are Illegal to Own:

Depending on where you’re based, there may be some exotic animals that are illegal to own, or you might have to avail a license/permit. The state of California made ferrets illegal to own. Hedgehogs also are outlawed in a few states. There are some species that are legal to own, but you’ll need permission to keep them. You should inquire and inspect it earlier whether it is legal or not to bring that exotic pet in your home. Failing to achieve this can result in a huge fine, and that will put the animal in hassle too.

Having an Exotic Pet Is a Long-Term Commitment:

This is a lifetime commitment when you’re owning an animal, so an important consideration is to know the lifespan before bringing the animal home. Few exotic animals like tortoises and birds can even outlive their owner.

Owners of these animals sometimes get rid of their once beloved pets when they get their own child. It is a very huge commitment, and it cannot be taken lightly.

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