Best Chocolate Lab Shirts. Funny Chocolate Labrador T-Shirts

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Chocolate labs are one of the registered three colours of the labrador retrievers, initially bred for detection, tracking and hunting. Also known to be good guides, they were used to help humans with disabilities. They are energetic, kind, friendly, gentle, loving and enjoy being around humans a lot. They’re also very intelligent, easily trained, have high adaptability to their environment and are reliable search and rescue dogs. What they love to do most is retrieving objects. In all, they’re charming and have got great qualities.

So is the funny chocolate lab shirts which are of exceptional quality, durability and finesse. Looking to be graceful and elegant, you should go for this amazing collection. The shirts have each got a picture of the chocolate labrador retrievers, along with other nice details. They are made from pure cotton fabric, in lovely colours and in irresistible styles just for you. These are a must have as part of your wardrobe.

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4 Best Funny Chocolate Lab Shirts

1. My Labrador Is My Valentine Unisex T-Shirt

Valentine’s day celebrations are always interesting and so is the design on Valentines Day My Labrador Dog Funny Gift Matching T-Shirt. On the front is the image of a chocolate labrador and on its right and left are white dog paw prints, red hearts and white dog bones. Below is the sentence “MY LABRADOR IS MY Valentine” with a touch of flowers. Valentine is the show of affection, whether romantic or not through giving of gifts, cards or flowers to the one concerned. A day has been set aside to celebrate this show of affection throughout the world which is known as Valentine’s day. This day is usually celebrated to remember Saint Valentine who showed unconditional love to many, even his jailor but was matyred for refusing to renounce his christian beliefs.

This lovely labrador t-shirt is made from premium material and comfortable, allowing your skin breathe easily. It’s available in exotic colours and in authentic styles for a great appearance.

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My Labrador Is My Valentine Women's T-Shirt

2. Chocolate Labrador Merica Glasses Unisex T-Shirt

For lovers of cool designs on outfits, here’s one for you. On the front and center of Labrador Dog Merica Shirt Patriotic Dog Glasses T Shirt T-Shirt is a face image of a chocolate labrador dog on a pair of reflective glasses. On the lens are the design and colours of the American flag. It is usually said that if you want to look cool, add glasses to your dressing. This is true as the effect is easily seen whenever applied.

This is for the cool and patriotic lovers of labrador dog. It’s suitable for both young and old, male and female. Made in irresistible styles and in attractive colours, a charming look is sure all day long.

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Chocolate Labrador Merica Glasses Men's T-Shirt

3. Chocolate Labrador Face Smile Unisex T-Shirt

On the front and center of Labrador Chocolate Smile Labrador Chocolate Only Face T-Shirt is the image of the face and neck of a smiling chocolate labrador. This is a simple but styleworthy or fashionable design. Chocolate labradors are active, friendly and fun loving. They’re also known to be clever and confident. They are mostly show- bred labradors also known as English labs and as such have a heavy and compact body, always eager to please which makes them easy to train.

This labrador t-shirt has got a creative touch which complements your body perfectly. It’s been produced with cotton fabric, in many great colours and in awesome styles for a complete look. All dog lovers should have this as part of their wardrobe and get some for friends too.

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Chocolate Labrador Face Smile Women's T-Shirt

4. Patriotic Usa Flag Chocolate Labrador Unisex T-Shirt

Here on the front of Patriotic Usa Flag Black Labrador T Shirt For Lab Owners T-Shirt is a background made of the American flag design and a picture of a black labrador with a collar around its neck. Being patriotic is the show of love, support and defence for one’s country. The American flag is a symbol of freedom, pride, unity, hope and inspiration for Americans. Certain rules have been laid down on how to fly the flag, its nearness to other flags, the best way to fold it and others.

This labrador t-shirt is one of great design, the best choice for patriotic dog dads and moms who have got great love for their country. It’s been made from the best quality material to give a soft finish. Its durability is compared to none and it’s available in many different colours and styles for both females and males.

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Patriotic Usa Flag Chocolate Labrador Women's T-Shirt


The funny chocolate lab shirts is a collection of outstanding outfits made specifically for great minds and for passionate personalities. With these as part of your collection, you’d be making an excellent choice for all times. So, keep shopping all the way.

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