Best Labrador Retriever Shirts. Funny Lab T-Shirts for Men, Women

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Dogs are unique animals with great abilities. Amongst the ones that stand out are the labradors. Its high intelligence, great agility and distinctive olfactory quality make labradors ideal for skilled field work. They are commonly used for military, police and naval force work to trace terrorists, smugglers and other criminals. They have also been used in the past to retrieve lost objects or substances.

The funny labrador retriever t-shirts have got enchanting designs with each having pictures of labrador retrievers in the three different colours recognised on each of the t-shirts. Made in impressive styles and in astounding colours, you’re sure on the path to a majestic look.

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4 Best Labrador Retriever T-Shirts

1. American Flag Labrador Retriever Usa T-Shirt

A patriotic and cool design of a yellow labrador retriever on an image of the United States flag on the front of American Flag Labrador Retriever USA T Shirt T-Shirt. The American flag also known as Old Glory; Red, White and Blue or the Stars and Stripes is the national flag of the United States of America. The flag consists of thirteen horizontal stripes(representing the first thirteen states of United State of America which initially we’re the thirteen British colonies that declared independence from Britain) alternating red and white; fifty white stars(which represent the fifty states of the United States of America) of alternating numbers of six and five per horizontal row on a blue field in the canton.

This labrador t-shirt is a must have for labrador retriever star moms and dads. Being a durable shirt made from quality material, you’re sure to enjoy this wear as long as you would want it in use. It can be purchased in different cool colours and in body complementing styles.

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American Flag Labrador Retriever Women's T-Shirt

2. Stubborn Labrador Retriever Dog Tricks T Shirt Chocolate Lab T-Shirt

On the front of Stubborn Labrador Retriever Dog Tricks T Shirt Chocolate Lab T-Shirt are six squares and one rectangular box. In each of the six boxes are illustrations of six images of a chocolate labrador retriever and different action words under each image. For the seventh box, there’s an action word- ‘stay’ under it but no image in the box. Above these illustrations is “STUBBORN LABRADOR TRICKS” arranged each on top of the other. The chocolate labrador retrievers are show bred dogs while the others are work bred dogs. This factor affects the way they each respond to trainings. The chocolate labrador retrievers may have low response to trainings because they aren’t bred to work which may be considered as being stubborn.

This labrador t-shirt is a very nice one for the intelligent minds. Purchase this in your best colours available and in the best styles. Looking great is just a few steps away.

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Stubborn Labrador Retriever Tricks Men's T-Shirt

3. Labrador Retriever Lover T Shirt For Women Valentines Tee T-Shirt

Love, they say makes the world go round and also makes life interesting. This is a cute and lovely design. Printed on the front and center of Labrador Retriever Lover T Shirt For Women Valentines Tee T-Shirt are the letters- “LOVE” in white with ‘O’ represented by a red outlined heart with the head of a yellow labrador in it. Love is a feeling of intense attraction towards someone or a deep liking for something. It is also a deep commitment or connection to someone or something.

This labrador t-shirt is a multipurpose casual wear which is best worn on valentine’s day. It can be worn on other days of course. Best for lab dads and lab moms with great intense feelings. It comes in lovely colours and in grand styles. Shop for durability, shop for love and make loved ones happy.

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Labrador Retriever Lover Men's T-Shirt

4. Labrador Retriever Hawaiian Costume Summer Shirt T-Shirt

On the front and centre of Labrador Retriever Hawaiian Costume Ukulele Summer Shirt T-Shirt is a yellow Labrador retriever in a grass skirt around the waist, a floral wreath also known as the Hawaiian lei around the neck, a fancy reflective lens glasses and playing an ukulele. Hawaiian traditional costumes were made up of bark-cloth or grasses which is kept to a minimum so the wearer can be comfortable in it during the heat period; the leis which are usually made of flowers and sometimes shells, nuts, feathers, teeth, seeds and nuts; floral crowns; bracelets; a floral headdress or a straw hat decorated with shells or flowers; anklets which are made from flowers or beads and shells.

The ukulele is a small stringed instrument like the guitar, peculiar to the Hawaiians and commonly associated to their music. This labrador t-shirt is uncommon and outstanding, great for reunions and house parties. Available in amazing colours and unique styles.

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Labrador Hawaiian Costume Ukulele Summer Women's T-Shirt


These are amazing designs to choose from or you can rather go with all because they’re great outfits, suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. Shop now and keep coming for more.

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