Adopting A New Dog: What You Should Be Aware Of

Something that every family will consider at one point is adopting a new pet into their growing family. The most common example of a pet that families adopt is a dog. A dog can be a great addition to a family but there are some things you should know prior to adopting. Read this guide to learn more.

Adopting A New Dog: What You Should Be Aware Of

Finding A Place To Adopt

The first step to consider when adopting a dog is where you will go to find them. You will have a few different options to consider, but it’s best to go to an animal shelter rather than an independent breeder. That’s because an independent breeder isn’t regulated, which means they may not look after the animals properly and even be cruel to them.

You should also go to shelters as they take in pets in all different shapes and sizes that have been left homeless for one reason or another. This gives you the perfect opportunity to take a dog in that is looking for a new home.

Settling In For The First Day

The first day will be important for both you and your dog. Your dog is likely to feel very nervous and anxious about the change in circumstances, so you will need to give him some time to get used to your new home. If you have any young children, make sure you let them know how nervous your dog will be and to not overwhelm them, for both the safety of your dog and child.

It may be a good idea to keep your dog in one room for a while, as they slowly get used to that, before branching out into other rooms. Ensure you have dog-proofed that room so that you can keep them somewhere safe. You will need this safe space so that you can start to train them efficiently too.

Nutrition And Health

You will need to spend some time thinking about the nutrition and health of the dog. You will be in charge of purchasing the food that they eat, and if you’re not careful, you could overfeed your dog to the point that they become obese and harm their own health. Thankfully, pet experts have been able to create balanced nutritional food that is both healthy for your dog as well as tasty, you just need to know where to look.

You can look locally for pet stores or supermarkets that supply some branded and unbranded products, but your best bet will probably be to look online for more specialised products. Find out more in this pet online store known as Time For Paws. They provide a range of nutritional products from dozens of brands, suiting both puppies and adult dogs. You can also pick up vegan dog food if that was something you are after.

Remember that different dog breeds may require different products, as they will have different nutritional needs. Another fact to consider for their diet, is their current size. This can affect how much protein they need each day and how much exercise they may need to engage in.

Adopting A New Dog: What You Should Be Aware Of

Your Responsibilities

On the topic of exercise, it will fall to you to ensure that you are providing your furry friend with enough exercise to get through their day. Depending on their size and fitness, you may need to take them on walks every day, or a couple times each week. Older dogs may be less reluctant to go on walks, but you should still try to get them out and about for a short time.

Overall, you will be responsible for the wellbeing of your new dog, and you must try to make your home as accommodating as possible. This means not leaving any small objects that could be a choking hazard for your dog laying about. You should also keep away medicines and anything that could be considered poisonous or toxic for your dog.

Even simple human treats such as chocolate can be very bad for your dog. So make sure this is kept as far away from them as possible, and get it out of their mouth quickly if they manage to get any in there. You should take your dogs to the vet if you suspect they have ingested anything that they shouldn’t have.

Asking For Help

Adopting a pet can be a lot to take on. In fact, it can be much more than you first expected. That’s why you should ask for help whenever you feel like you need it. This can be with your friends and family, or it could be with specialised pet experts. Don’t put yourself under any pressure and ask for help when needed.

Consider asking people you know who have pets how they first got used to their new animals, and if there is any advice you can take on. Gaining insight from those who have gone through the same experience as you will help a lot. You could also phone the shelter or adoption centre that you got your new pet from for any specific advice they have for your newly adopted friend.

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