Your Partner’s Dog Breed Will Tell You About His Personality: Truth or Myth?

There’s no denying that we love our pets. They form an important part of our lives and become a part of our families. However, research and studies might indicate that we become our dogs almost, which means that they could indicate who we really are. Thus, sometimes, when you meet a potential partner and want to test your compatibility, there is one thing you can look at to quickly understand what can your future together hold – his dog! Since people often select dogs that resemble themselves, by that logic, you can easily determine at least a few character traits from your partner by keenly looking at a canine breed he prefers.

Your Partner’s Dog Breed Will Tell You About His Personality: Truth or Myth?

Is it True That We Look Like Our Dogs?

That proverb concerned zoo psychologists for a long time; thus, they have dug deep into this issue and found out that there actually is a potential link between a dog owner and its breed. So, there are suggestions that the kind of breed a man (or a woman) owns will translate into who they are on a personal level. Therefore, the next time you go through the initial stage of flirting with the potential partner at a casual dating site or in a bar, you might want to make sure that you ask about what they own! Most people think that you’ll become a perfect match with the dog owner if you are a dog person. But suppose you adore your chihuahua and a pretty man you just met online boasts his pitbull all the time. In that case, you should get a bit concerned about your compatibility. With this in mind, how dog breeds relate to people’s personality types?


A relatively small dog, yet the personality of the dog is mirrored in its owner. Men who own a schnauzer enjoy the simple things in life, such as enjoying a coffee in the sun or watching the plants grow. Furthermore, a friendly personality can be expected, although the owner loves adventures. This could include jetting off for a last-minute escape or hunting for bargains at the market.


Poodle owners commonly copy their dogs. This breed of dog looks smart and elegant in stature, and owners attempt to dress smart and sleek. Life has to be enjoyed with the finer things, although they aren’t a superficial type. Furthermore, expect someone smart and clever and someone who picks up new skills quickly and easily. As it is the really popular breed among the LGBT crowd, as evident by pictures on gay dating sites, especially males, expect poodle owners to enjoy indulging in arts and culture. Your first date to involve a show or ballet and maybe a museum. This person needs attention and interaction, which could make them hard work.

Border Collie

A Border Collie is a lively, busy kind of dog and owners are likely to be the same. They thrive on challenges while they might be the caring type who likes to look after others. Their personality indicates they are sensitive and protective while they’ll ensure you’re looked after and comfortable. However, expect to spend a lot of effort keeping guys stimulated because they’re extremely energetic. Therefore, they’ll become hard work and bored. This translates into someone who requires work, but they are still worth dating!

Jack Russell Terrier

Guys who own a Jack Russell Terrier are the kind who love keeping active and fit. They prefer to spend time running than chilling at home, so if you see that a person’s profile on a dating site contains pictures with their beloved Jack Russel, expect that your dates will turn into runs and hikes. They’re the competitive type too, which means that you should expect to come up against him at times, and he won’t back down because he is stubborn, much like his furry friend. This individual will be opinionated and strong-willed while changing their mind on decision proves challenging. Dating someone who owns a Jack Russell Terrier will require you to keep active while also being accepting.

German Shepherd

The guy who owns a German Shepherd is someone you can depend on, yet they are strong-minded. They’re focused individuals who understand what is required to succeed, and they’re not afraid of taking charge; that’s why you find lots of shepherds owners using online dating services, as they love to take matters into their own hands. However, they’re not the type to push you out or make you feel inferior because they’re loyal and appreciative. Expect someone who loves exploring, which means you’ll need to keep them entertained and active, which makes for an interesting relationship.

So, understanding the dog that a man owns will provide you with some insight into his personality. Sure, there’s more to it, but it will provide you with a small glimpse of what to expect!

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