Belgian Dog – Getting To Know Your Most Unexpected Friend

Belgian dog breeds are well-known for their inherited intelligence and obedience. Such impressive traits make them a fantastic friend to families and a reliable companion of many police departments. Out of all dog breeds in the world, this breed is very popular among many dog ​​lovers, especially when considering a dog. 

Having such a dog by your side will accompany you with happy and relaxing moments. However, with information being scattered everywhere on the Internet, it’s challenging to have a general view of the dog breed. You may find it difficult to tell apart each type of breed along with their typical characteristics. 

If you are looking for some information about this type of dog, then look no further: In this article today, we will bring you the most useful and informative piece related to Belgian dogs.

What are the most popular breeds of Belgian dogs?

Belgian dog breeds have such a wide range of types with different looks and sizes. They also acquire a variety of characteristics, each excellent in one specific feature. People planning to raise one Belgian often find themselves in such a puzzle, not knowing what type to go for. We will help you sort out some of the most common types of this dog breed along with their outstanding strengths.

Belgian shepherd

Usually, there are four types of dogs that go under the name of Belgian shepherd. But Groenendael is the most common one that accompanies the title. Its name originates from the village in which its ancestors were born and raised. 

The Groenendael variety is a medium-sized dog with a long-haired appearance. Baby german shepherds since birth have been known for their typical double black coat that they have shed twice a year. 

Belgian Shepherd Groenendael/ Ph:

As the name might suggest, this dog type was initially raised as a sheepdog with “work ethics’ ‘ being one of its prominent strengths. They always need something to focus on, making them a perfect candidate for games like fly balls.

They also bond well with the family and, therefore, often experience separation anxiety if being away from the family for too long. With this characteristic, Groenendael is an excellent option for those who desire a loving bond with their pets.

Belgian Malinois

Malinois dog is another common type associated with the Belgian breed. Its name is also the name of the village in which the very first breed lived.

Belgian Malinois/ Ph:

It acquires a strikingly similar look to shepherd ones, with the well-proportioned and square build. Its fur coat, which is of various colors, from rich fawn to mahogany, is built to shield its body against the impacts of Belgium’s damp weather.

With their strength in herding, protection, and law enforcement, the Malinois is suitable for police tasks. Their wild instinct has them want nothing more than being with other individuals, making them not a very promising family choice of pet. But if you insist, pre-training is recommended.

Bouvier des Flandres

Bouvier des Flandres/ Ph:

Bouvier des Flandres bears the meaning of “cow herder of Flanders,” which suggests its initial raising purpose – a cattle dog of long haired german shepherd types.

This Belgian type is associated with a giant look of almost 1 meter high with a long-haired body in solid black color. It impresses dog lovers with a fluffy weatherproof coat and a head accented by a thick beard and mustache, making them a solid black feather ball.

Despite its fierce and giant look, its original raising purpose for farmworks encloses them with protective instinct while being benign and docile. The dog breed is a gentle giant for a family pet.

What are the common traits of Belgian dogs?

People’s initial raising purpose characterizes Belgian dogs as sheepdogs. Therefore, this breed shares some common traits such as flexibility, loyalty, protective instinct, with a strong and agile outlook.

When living with people, they are perfect for outdoor family activities. They also grow a great bond with your family, leaving them with severe anxiety if left alone. 

Are Belgian dogs good family pets?

With such outstanding characteristics and various choices from Belgian Malinois to black german shepherd puppies, Belgian dogs are perfect for a pet. If you live an active family life and long for lovely cuddling moments with your pets, then Belgian dogs are there for you.

Are Belgian dogs hard to train?

There is nothing such dogs are hard to train, as long as you find the right trainer and pieces of equipment at the right time in your dog’s life. The right time for dog training is when it is still a puppy, for it can gradually take up new habits and get rid of its wildlife instinct.

However, not every type of Belgian dog requires training.

What is the Belgian dogs’ price range?

You should budget around $3,500 up to $9,000 or even higher for a topline breed with a superior pedigree. However, with the average breed, the cost often falls under $1,200.

Last words, 

Regardless of breed, dogs have always been there in our lives, offering us emotional support and being a great police department companion. 

With the lovey-dovey Belgian breed, it’s even more endearing with the incredible bond and loyalty they have for their owners. Alternatively, you can check out to learn about other dog breeds that suit your interests. We hope that after going through our article, you can choose a dog that suits your preference. 

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