Things to Consider Before You Get a Cat

There are many people who see some cute kittens on the Internet or while shopping, and suddenly have the idea of rai sing cats themselves. They feel that raising a cat seems to be a very simple thing, but they don’t have enough time and equipment such as a wood cat house. What are some things you must consider before adopting a cat? Today I am going to talk to you all.

Things to Consider Before You Get a Cat

Have Enough Rresponsibility

To confirm whether you have the ability to stay with the kitten. Take care of her within your ability. Every kitten is a little angel from the cat and a precious life. A cat has a lifespan of about 20 years. So be careful.

Be Mentally Prepared

1. Cats will scratch furniture and even scratch people.

Like scratching is actually a behavioral habit of cats grinding their claws, and it cannot be changed. Moreover, when cats scratch, they don’t care what they are facing; sometimes they will scratch the sofa at home, sometimes it is your shoes, clothes, and sometimes the chair. So, if you’re going to have a cat, ask yourself if you’re okay with cat scratching.

2. Serious cat shedding

You know, cats shed hair every day as they grow. When the seasons change, cats shed a lot during the hot summer. Moreover, the cat’s hair loss is not only related to the season, but also to the cat’s diet and physical health. If you are allergic to cat hair, or you don’t want to see cat hair everywhere in your home, then you should consider whether you really want a cat? There may be cat hair falling on furniture, sofa, and any corner. Thinking of this, can you bear it?

3. Do you have enough conditions

Owning a cat is not just an investment of time, it also requires an investment of money. If you have a cat, you don’t want to go home after getting off work every day, and you rarely stay at home on weekends, so you only keep the cat at home alone. This is unfair to the cat, and it is not conducive to the cat’s relationship with you. Over time, cats can also develop various problems due to separation anxiety.

In addition, raising a cat is also an investment, which requires you to spend part of the money every month. Including cat food, canned cat food, cat treats, cat litter, occasional cat deworming inside and outside, cat bathing and a series of expenses. If your income is barely enough to support your life and you don’t have too much savings, it is still not recommended that you keep a cat.

Things to Consider Before You Get a Cat

Get Your Cat Neutered

Well, you are now in a good enough position as well as mentally to have a cat. Then you have to consider how to treat it. Some breeders feel it is cruel to deprive their beloved pets of their sexuality. Today we’ll talk about why cats need to be spayed and neutered.

1. Solve the cat estrus problem

Once you enter the estrus period, you will obviously feel that the usual caring, cute, charming and well-behaved cats have become very different. The sterilization operation can solve the cat’s estrus problem and change the pet’s personality. It can also reduce or completely change your pet’s habit of wandering, fighting, peeing everywhere, and howling. This greatly reduces the chance of cats being lost or injured and infected with diseases. At the same time, the pet and the owner become close and docile.

2. Control the number of cats

According to statistics, the average life expectancy of a cat is about 12 years old. A mother cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 kittens in seven years. Such amazing fecundity will increase with the owner’s decision not to sterilize. It also exceeds the ability of ordinary shit shoveling officers to regulate, give, and raise. This often results in a surge in stray cats.

3. Avoid lesions and prolong life

Like human fertility, constant and excessive reproductive activity will accelerate the aging of a cat’s body organs and shorten the pet’s lifespan. Spaying can make your pet live healthier and less likely to get sick. Not infected with cat AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. If a cat with a genetic disease or genetic defect is neutered, there will be no problematic offspring.

Prepare a Scratching Board

Cat, why do you need a scratching board at home?

1. cat physiology

Functionally, cat paws are much more flexible than dog paws. To ensure this flexibility, their nails grow directly from the last segment of the phalanx. And unlike human fingernails and bones, there are noticeable dimensional changes. In other words, the nails on the cat’s paw can be said to be “part of the bone”. In other words, the toenails of cat paws are responsible for some of the functions and tasks of our human fingers. Then, in order to ensure that the function and some abilities of their claws are not degraded, cats must use toenails frequently. Otherwise it may degenerate.

2. Health

When cats are bored, they light up their paws and scratch and scratch, which is also beneficial to physical and mental health. If a cat does not use its claws regularly, the muscles and tissues that control the extension and contraction of the nails of the claws degenerate. The consequences of degeneration are not only the atrophy and loss of function of a small part of the tissue, but also affect the health of all parts of the body. Therefore, it is impossible for cats to not show their claws for a long time. Just like we can’t hold our breath and suffocate ourselves.

Things to Consider Before You Get a Cat

Get a Best Cat House

When new to cat ownership you may have heard that you need to buy a Aivituvin cat house first. But some people may think they don’t hate cats running around the house and causing havoc, so is it not necessary to buy a cat cage? In fact, this is not the case, the cat cage is necessary.

1. First of all, cat cages can protect the health of cats when necessary.

Cats are sick and need more sun exposure. But my cat happens to be a cat who doesn’t like sun exposure. Then buy a cat cage, put the cat in the cage, and put the cage in a sunny place. This will allow the cat to get more sun, which is conducive to recovery. In addition, if the timid cat is sick, it is likely to hide and not cooperate with the treatment, and it can be better cared for in a cat house, giving it medicine and the like.

2. Secondly, cat cages are helpful to correct bad habits of cats.

Some cats may have a bad habit of urinating. You won’t be able to restrain it over time. You can put it in a cat cage while you sleep, and then put a pot of cat litter in the cage. As the habit develops, it becomes aware of its own behavior.

3. Again, cat cages are useful for multi-cat households.

What if there are big cats and kittens at home? What if another cat wants to lick its wound after a cat has been neutered? What should I do if a cat is bullied by the aboriginal people and is timid when it arrives home? In fact, as long as there is a cat cage. all these problems can be solved.

Brush Your Cat Regularly

In fact, there is another way to pet a cat, and that is to brush. Grooming your cat can also make it comfortable. So we are not limited to stroking cats by hand, and the method of brushing can also be used.

Grooming is another kind of stroking. The advantage of stroking is to deepen the relationship between the cat and the owner. Then the function of brushing is to benefit the cat’s body, so there are roughly three benefits of brushing.

  1. Cat can relax
  2. Reduces hair loss at home
  3. Promote blood circulation

Regular Visits to the Veterinarian

It is important to maintain your cat’s health. A good way to keep your cat healthy is to have an annual check-up. Your veterinarian will give you appropriate advice based on your cat’s condition. It is your responsibility to ensure that your cat will grow up healthy and happy. This is important for building a good trusting and nurturing relationship between it and you.


Nowadays, scientific cat breeding is advocated. Cats are becoming more and more important to cat owners. In order to take care of your cat’s healthy growth, you need to be well prepared. Don’t give up halfway. So here are a few things that come to mind regarding things to consider before you decide to get a cat. What do you think is the trouble with having a cat?

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