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What Are Possible CBD Side Effects for Dogs?

An ever-growing number of people are interested in the idea of CBD for pets and how it can be used as a natural supplement to help keep them feeling fit and healthy. Most of the articles and studies that you find online and in the media focus on CBD’s benefits for pets, with very few […]

Things you should know for Giving a Great Bath to Your Dog

If you’ve got a new furry-friend that is a new puppy and confused about how to give a nice and comfortable bath to your dog than this article is for you. The pet in the house always love attention but when it comes to his bath time he would rather like to skip that session. […]

How often should I deworm my dog?

Every dog owner knows how important it is to keep dogs and other pets parasite-free. But very few people do internal deworming the way it’s supposed to be done. The subject of deworming dogs has been hotly debated with countless opinions, conflicts of interests and opposing views which makes the whole process very confusing. Before […]

How To Choose The Best Flea Treatment For Your Dog

Over-the-counter and prescription flea medications are available to treat flea infestations in dogs. Commercially available flea treatments usually contain permethrin, which is an insecticide that’s safe for dogs but toxic to cats. Dish soap, baking soda, herbal flea spray, flea repelling plants, and other homemade solutions are also available. With a wide range of flea […]

How Much CBD Oil Can I Give My Dog? A Guide to Dosage

The word about the benefits of CBD is out. It can help with pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep, even cancer, with minimal side effects. In fact, CBD is such a boon, it’d be a shame not to use it to its fullest potential. Cannabinoids are effective thanks to the endocannabinoid system, which nearly all animals have. […]

What are the best real ingredients to feed my dog?

Over the last decade, human diets have shifted from eating convenient, processed food back to a real diet made from fresh, wholefood ingredients. Yet when it comes to our canine companions, most people are still feeding their dogs a diet that is largely made up of highly processed dry dog food. Like humans, it turns […]

How Much Should I Feed My Dog? – Discuss the Amount

One of the best ways to keep our pets healthy is to give them the right amount of food. If we give them less food than they need, they can suffer nutritional deficiencies, and doing the opposite can end up having dire consequences, among others, they may end up suffering from obesity. If this topic […]