How to Create Amazing Pictures of Your Dog at Home

Dogs are the best friends we might ever have – but they are notoriously bad at sitting still for a photograph. Here are some interesting ideas for creating amazing pictures of your dog without having to call in the professionals.

Taking pictures of your dog is easier said than done. The problem with dog photography is that your pet pooch will struggle to sit still. Dog owners share this problem worldwide. What can you do about it? You can follow these top tips on how to create amazing pictures of your dog at home. Take our advice and avoid blurry pictures, red eyes, and big teeth.

How to Create Amazing Pictures of Your Dog at Home

Amazing Dog Pictures Start with Treats

When it comes to dog photography, you best come prepared. Any obedient dog photographer will start by carefully planning out a photography session for your dog. Any pet owner will tell you that the second they reach for the camera the dog stops doing the cute thing that made them want to take picture to begin with. The key to avoiding this as by carefully planning what pictures you would like to take before you begin. To do this, we need a pocket full of treats.

Tips for planning your shoot include:

  • Deciding upon poses
  • Choosing your background or set
  • Making sure the dog is comfortable otherwise they may have no interest
  • Filling your pockets with gravy bones
  • Retrieving any toys or props beforehand

This way you can recreate those super-cute poses your dog makes using the tools at hand. There’s no rushing for the camera and certainly no missed shots. Remember too that you can use digital software and editing to remove background from an image that you shoot.

During the Doggy Photo Shoot

When taking pictures of your dog at home, you will need all the tips you can get. During the dog shoot, you should use faster shutter speeds on your camera or phone. This helps to avoid that too-easy blur that pet photography often takes. Faster photos mean less time for the camera to blur.

As well as upping shutter speeds to improve the focus of your camera, you should think about your lighting. Outdoor photo shoots work wonderfully because you have the best natural light. Unfortunately filming a Lhasa Apso that has an immaculately brushed white coat in the September mud is not a great idea. Use as much light as you can.

Watch out for the things in the background of your shot. Yes, you can remove background items in the shot to solve this problem, but it is nice not to have to. The main photo-shoot-fail to avoid with pups is poop. Always check that grass or leaf pile to make sure there is nothing nefarious ready to ruin your picture.

Photographers suggest you get down low while shooting. This creates an intimate portrait of the dog on their level.

After the Doggy Photo Shoot

Getting a dog changes your life for the better. Getting successful photos of your pet will give you memories to cherish even after they are gone. One of the most important things you can do in editing is to make sure their eyes are bright and clear. That is how you will remember them one day. So make sure you use this as a focal point and work from there.

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