Mother of Dachshund Shirts. Mother of Dachshund T-Shirts, Hoodies

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Due to their boldness and body type, the dachshunds were bred to serve as hunting dogs. They have the ability to burrow holes, take on badgers(the reason they’re called the badger dog), chase rabbits and foxes. They were also used to locate wounded deers and hunt wild boars. As such, they’re known to be courageous, lively and playful. They also possess other amazing qualities that separates them from other dogs.

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The mother of dachshund t-shirts and hoodies are one great collection with the different designs, relating to these lovely pets. The images on them will warm your heart beyond your expectations. Going with these will be a very nice decision for you and your pets.

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4 Best Mother of Dachshund T-Shirts and Hoodies

1. Mother of Dachshunds – Mother of Dragons Parody T-Shirt

Digitally printed here one the front of Mother of Dachshunds – Mother of Dragons Parody Men’s T-Shirt is the image of three white distorted dachshunds, kind of moving in circles. They somewhat look like cool happy dragons. On it are also the words- ‘MOTHER OF DACHSHUNDS’ in white where ‘MOTHER’ appear a bit bolder than the others. This is a nice t-shirt for dog lovers, especially the dachshund lovers. This can be given as gift to any weiner dog lover and it’s a lovely shirt to show off in as a mother of dachshunds for all the dog moms out there. If you love animals or you love your pet(s),  then you should go for this.

This t-shirt is in various sizes and fits well. Do refer to size chart for actual body measurements. It’s light in weight and easy to wash. It’s a men’s t-shirt and is available in different cool colours which will bring out your personality.

You can buy it here:

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Mother of Dachshunds - Mother of Dragons Parody Women's T-Shirt

2. Flower Mother Of Dachshunds Unisex T-Shirt

The Mother Of Dachshunds Mother’s Day T-Shirt T-Shirt has a circular image of a flora print of a dragon with three dog heads, two narrow wings, two webbed legs like that of a dachshund and a long tail. There are the words- ‘MOTHER(above) OF DACHSHUNDS'(below the image). Now, the lovers of dachshunds or proud dachshund mom’s will love this because of its unique design. It differentiates and makes you stand out from the rest. For mother’s day and any other special days or occasion, this will be a nice outfit. It’s also a nice gift for loved ones, friends and colleagues.

There are varieties of colours and different styles of this nice t-shirt. Being a bit of floral design, having it in different colours will give you an edge over the others out there. Being a proud mom of a dachshund or intending to be? This is for you.

You can buy it here now: 

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3. Mother Of Dachshunds Game Of Bones T-Shirt

This is a classic ladies t-shirt. The Mother Of Dachshunds Game Of Bones t-shirt has printed on its front, the images of two white dog bones and half body of a black with spots of white dachshund in-between. Each of the bones are diagonally positioned in different white-bordered squares and so is that of the dog’s. The words ‘MOTHER OF DACHSHUNDS’ is located above the image and below is ‘GAME OF BONES’ in white. On either side of the first set of words are two white dog paw prints.

One may think: what is it about dogs and bones? Dogs love bones because of the benefits they derive from eating them. Besides the yummy taste and mental stimulation, the continuous gnawing to them is an exercise to help strengthen their jaws.

‘Game of bones’ which is one of the phrases on this t-shirt can be said to be a fight between two or more dogs like the commentary made by one of the sports commentary broadcaster on his dogs. It also refers to dominoes in which the pieces are known as bones, a dice game in which the dices are called bones, a movie by Lee Roy Myers. There are others meanings to this phrase. This t-shirt is available in five different colours and in sizes, check for actual measurements.

You can buy it here: 

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4. Mother of Dachshunds Red T-Shirt

The Mother of Dachshunds is a classic pullover hoodie which has printed on its front, an encircled image of a red dragon with three heads, each looking like that of a dachshund’s with glowy eyes; two narrow wings, two feet with white claws and a long tail. This design of has the phrase- ‘MOTHER OF DACHSHUNDS’ in white. The first two words are positioned above the image while the other is below. The back of the hoodie is totally plain. This fabric is made from a blend of cotton and polyester and comes in a regular fit. It has a kangaroo pocket and is unisex. It’s available in different sizes and colours to bring out the ideal look.

You can buy it here: 

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The mother of dachshunds t-shirts and hoodies are one lovely set of ideal clothing as a dog mom. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun of it. Get as many of these as possible and give to friends and loved ones as gifts.

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