How Much Exercise Does a Pitbull Need?

Pitbulls are a type of dog that has become very popular in the United States. They were originally bred for fighting but now serve as companions and family pets. In order to keep them healthy, it is important to know how much exercise they need on a daily basis.

How Much Exercise Does a Pitbull Need?

This article will break down how many calories Pitbulls burn per day and how you can increase their activity level with simple tricks like playing fetch or taking them on walks.

How Much Exercise Does a Pitbull Really Need?

Pitbulls typically have about twice as much lean muscle mass as other dogs their size, which means that besides requiring more food they also need a lot more exercise than other breeds. One study found that this breed has a dietary energy requirement two times higher than other dogs its size.

If you think that your pitbull doesn’t need much exercise because it’s a good pet for your sedentary lifestyle, think again. “A well-exercised dog is a happy dog,” says CPDT-KA and animal trainer Mikkel Becker of Charlotte, North Carolina. “An under-exercised dog can become hyperactive, distracted, and possibly destructive.”

So how much exercise does a pitbull really need? The answer to this question will vary from one individual canine to another, depending on his or her age, breed standards, and past experience.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) describes the American Pit Bull Terrier as having an athletic build that includes a broad chest and muscular limbs. This breed is more physically active than the average lap dog or cuddly toy canine but less active than some of its bull-and-terrier cousins.

With this in mind, what are the activities that your Pitbull might really enjoy and benefit from?

Best Activities for Your Pitbull

Generally speaking, there are countless activities you can do with your Pitbull to keep them active and healthy. Playing fetch, taking them for walks, or going to the park are all great options. You can also try agility training or swimming – both of which Pitbulls love! Always keep an eye on them in the water to avoid any accidents.

If you’re looking for a new activity to try with your Pitbull, check out these suggestions!

1. Go For a Walk

There’s no question that walking is healthy and good for the heart! It also gives your dog an opportunity to get outside and explore their surroundings – something they likely don’t get to do every day if they stay indoors all the time. Walking can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour or more depending on how much exercise your Pit gets every day.

2. Play Fetch

Playing fetch is great because it uses both physical and mental energy at once! Your Pit will have to run around after the toy while keeping track of where you are throwing it next in order to catch it when it comes back. This is also a great way to build up speed and strength in your dog’s legs!

3. Go Swimming!

Swimming is a fantastic physical activity for dogs, especially medium and large breeds that may not be able to run around as easily or for as long. It can be hard to get started at first if your Pit has never been swimming before, but once they’re used to it, they’ll love it! Don’t let your Pitbull swim too far and watch out for sharp rocks or objects underneath the surface in shallow areas.

4. Visit Fun Dog Parks

Pitbulls love socializing with other dogs and people, so take them to a fun park to get the interaction they crave! You can also take them to a training class to exercise their minds while getting active.

5. Try Agility Training

Agility training is great because it doesn’t use too much physical strength, but does require focus and concentration. Pitbulls are incredibly smart, so this activity will be perfect for your pup! You can find agility courses at local pet stores or through online retailers.

6. Play Tug of War

If you’re looking for an activity that’s fun for you both, play tug-of-war! This game will give your dog plenty of mental stimulation while also using up some energy in the process. Just make sure not to let them win every time – letting your dog win makes them think that you’re weaker than them, reinforcing bad behavior like aggression.

7. Learn Tricks

Pitbulls are naturally smart and love to learn new things! They can pick up tricks pretty quickly, so teach them everything from how to speak to rolling over. You can use treats as incentives or play games with your dog to keep learning fun for both of you!

8. Teach Them to Fetch Toys

If you don’t have time to go on long walks every day but still want your dog to get exercise, teach them how to fetch their own toys! Get a bunch of different plush animals or squeaky balls and toss one across the room, then let them bring it back to you.

How Often Should You Exercise Your Pitbull?

It’s a common misconception that Pitbulls need a little exercise. In fact, they require just as much exercise as any other active dog breed. A lack of exercise can lead to destructive behavior and an overall unhealthy lifestyle for your Pitbull.

We recommend exercising your Pitbull at least once a day. It’s important to keep him active and moving, especially if you want to maintain his muscle mass and healthy weight. A good 30-minute workout session should do the trick!

Developing an Exercise Schedule for a Pitbull

Now that you know how often should you exercise your Pitbull, it’s important to develop a schedule so they can get the proper amount of activity each day. Start by adding in one or two activities to their routine and gradually increase the number as they get more used to it.

You may also want to vary the activities so they don’t get bored. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to talk to your veterinarian.

If you notice your Pitbull isn’t as energetic or is acting sluggish it may be time to increase the amount of activity they’re getting. Just like people, not getting enough exercise can lead to health problems down the road.

If your dog starts to gain weight and doesn’t seem to lose it try increasing their daily exercise routine and reducing their food portions accordingly. You can also take them out for a walk more frequently or play games with them inside.

The walks should not be shorter than 30 minutes but should never exceed 5 hours either. This will give your Pit enough time to get some energy out but not tire them out too quickly which could cause damage if they overdo it.

The same goes for playing inside, make sure to space out the activities throughout the day and your Pitbull should be able to get a good amount of energy out.

If you’re not sure how much activity is enough for your dog you can take them in to be weighed at the veterinarian’s office. They’ll let know how many calories they need each day based on their size, age, sex, etc.

The vet will also make recommendations about what food is best for them as well as the right amount of exercise they should have every day. If you follow those guidelines carefully then your Pitbull should remain fit and healthy into old age.


How to crate train a pitbull puppy?

There is really no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The best way to crate train a pitbull puppy may vary depending on the individual dog’s personality and temperament.

However, some tips on how to crate train a pitbull puppy include gradually introducing the Pitbull puppy to the crate, rewarding good behavior inside of the crate with treats or petting. Never use the crate as a cruel form of punishment!

Can I overexercise my pitbull puppy?

Yes! Moreover, you could seriously injure your pup by overexercising him. In fact, puppies should only be exercised for a few minutes at a time until they are older. Consult with your vet to get specific guidelines on how much exercise your pup needs.

How far should a pitbull run?

Some Pitbulls love to run and will happily run for miles, while others would rather just stick to a leisurely stroll. As long as your pitbull is in good health and isn’t overexerting himself, there’s no harm in letting him run as far as he wants.

Final Words

All dogs need exercise, but how much depends on the specific dog breed. Pitbulls are a high-energy breed that needs plenty of exercise to stay healthy and happy. A good rule of thumb is at least one hour per day, divided between a morning walk and an afternoon play session.

If you can’t commit to that much time, consider hiring a dog walker or taking your Pitbull to doggy daycare. By providing your Pitbull with plenty of exercise, you’ll help keep him calm and out of trouble.

What type of exercise does your pitbull enjoy most?

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