4 Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthier

Whether you have a new dog or they’re a few years old already, it’s always important to care about their health. This is because they don’t always know what’s best for them, but as pet parents, we need to be more responsible than them. Here are 4 tips to consider if you want to keep your dog healthier for longer.

4 Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthier

1. Get the Right Supplements

Your dog needs to be in the best state of health that he or she can achieve. One of the worst issues with dogs is when you begin to see them slowing down, having difficulty jumping up on the couch, or not being able to run around joyfully in the park like they once did. The founder of YuMOVE noticed this in his chocolate lab and set out to find a solution. And this is how their company was born. Today, YuMOVE has a small range of health supplements you can try – including chewable ones – which may help to keep your dog mobile and active for as long as possible.

2. Frequent Interaction with Others

While not all dogs love being around other people, they all need a certain amount of socializing to keep them open to new experiences. Whether that’s playing with them, giving them some love, or making new canine friends, it all helps to keep them happy and mentally engaged with other animals and people too. Even when your dog plays a guarding role, it’s still important that they engage with good people so that they can fine-tune their sense about who’s a good person and when to start growling! The more socialization they receive, the better they get at determining friend from foe.

3. Give Them Some Exercise Each Day

Whether they’re a mid-size or large dog or they’re only pocket-sized, they must get walked every day. This is also a good idea for their human owners! Just like us, their lungs, heart, and overall functionality benefit from getting some physical activity in their day. Only getting up to drink some water or eat some food is insufficient for them unless they’re poorly at the time. Exercise boosts their self-esteem, helps to keep them at a healthy weight, and wards off the potential for some cancers and types of diabetes. It’s also helpful for a healthy bone structure and strong musculature that’s evenly balanced.

4. Don’t Forget to Groom Them

Some doggies love being groomed while others cannot seem to sit still. Starting your dog off with a bath, trimming their nails down to a manageable length, and running a brush through the fur works wonders. Not only will they look their best – and smell good too – but it’s an excellent opportunity to check on their health. It’s possible to spot if they’re losing fur, getting bald areas, have poor skin tone, or if unusual lumps are appearing that shouldn’t be there. For some dogs, once the bath is over, they’ll love the rub down and brushing because it makes them feel like they’re being petted. Others will need more encouragement not to run off.

When taken care of and given some attention, dogs usually flourish. While genetics also come into play with their long-term health, mostly it’s about them living out a sensible, active lifestyle coupled with good nutrition.

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