Overview of the Best CBD Products for Pets

CBD has become one of the most widely talked about and mentioned natural dietary supplements. In recent years, we have seen a huge increase in the number of high profile cases and studies drawing our attention to all of the potential health benefits of CBD.

What many people might not be as aware of is that CBD can also be given to pets. Studies have shown that our pets might be able to benefit from CBD supplements in many of the same ways as humans.

CBD for pets is a fast-growing industry, with there now being a number of brands decimated entirely to CBD products for pets. This means that you no longer have to feel guilty about your pets being the only member of the family that does not get to join in with the morning CBD fun.

So, what are the very best CBD products for pets and where you can find them?

#1. Best Pet Oil – PureKana Bacon Flavored CBD Oil

PureKana has two different CBD oil tinctures that have been designed especially for pets and come compete with delicious bacon flavor. When shopping with PureKana, you can choose between a 250mg tincture and a 500mg tincture, giving you the ability to customize your pet’s CBD intake to suit them.

As with all of PureKana’s products, they use rich CBD extract that has been sourced from organic USA farms that are committed to delivering the very best quality. Natural flavorings are used to give each bottle its meaty flavor, ensuring your pets enjoy each drop.

Both CBD pet tinctures are made using 100% natural ingredients and come complete with detailed lab reports so that you always know precisely what it is that you are giving to your pets. With Pure Kana pet oils; you can treat your pets to a healthy dose of CBD with confidence.

#2. Best Dog Treats – Premium Jane CBD Dog Treats

CBD pet treats are an excellent way to ensure that your pets never miss their daily dose of CBD. Premium Jane 5mg CBD dog treats contain the perfect balance of flavor, making them suitable for most dogs. Each treat contains 5mg of rich full-spectrum CBD so that you can reward your dog throughout the day with treats.

Premium Jane holds its CBD pet products to the same high standard as all of its other products, only using the very best organic ingredients to create the dog treats. A combination of cheese powder and chicken liver flavor is used to give each treat a delicious flavor profile that dogs love.

#3. Best Cat Treats – Paw CBD Chicken & Catnip Chews

Paw CBD cat chews have been carefully formulated with the help of veterinarians and CBD experts to ensure that they deliver a flavor and benefit-packed treat for your cats.

Using broad-spectrum CDB sourced from USA grown hemp plants, each delicious chew contains 1mg of CBD so that you can treat your cat all day long.

Paw uses 100% natural human-grade ingredients, believing that we should never give the pet food that we would not ourselves want to eat. A combination of chicken, pea flour, rosemary extract, and fruity palm oil is used to create an enjoyable texture and tasty flavor profile.

Specially formulated for cats, Paw CBD’s cat chews are an excellent way to reward your cat while also helping to keep them healthy. You could try cbd for pets.

#4. Best Pet Topicals – Petabis Organics CBD Topical Salve

CBD topicals can be an excellent way to treat skin and fur irritations, providing a little relief when your pet needs it most. Petabis Organics offer two different pet-friendly CBD salves designed to help you care for your pets with ease.

Using their full-spectrum organic hemp oil extract along with coconut oil and beeswax, Petabis Organics have salves that both pet owners and pets love. With two different concentrations, including 150mg and a 300mg option, Petabis Organics gives pet owners the control to choose what is best for their pet.

The use of natural organic ingredients gives Petabis Organics salves a subtle but pleasing aroma that does not overwhelm your pet’s senses. Complete with clear and useful instructions, Petabis Organics has done an excellent job at ensuring you feel happy and confident giving your pet new products.

Petabis Organics’ topical salves are designed for general purposes meaning that they can be used on cats, dogs, and even horses so that you do not have to have a cabinet full of different products for your different pets.

Petabis Organics is a great online store for pet owners that want to introduce a little CBD into their pet’s lives, allowing them to benefit from all of CBD’s potential health benefits.

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