How Pooches Can Lead To Love?

We might only have eyes for our favorite furry friend, but our beloved dog could lead to you meeting the love of your life. You won’t believe how many people end up falling in love due to their pet, and just like our love for our furry friend, it’s for keeps.

Here are three of our favorite stories where pooches have helped couples get together.

How Pooches Can Lead To Love

First date at a dog show

A love of dogs tends to be a make or break for a couple, and you will find in online dating that a love of animals is often mentioned in their profile. If you look at the male profiles on the best gay hookup sites, you will find that they mention their pets and even include a photo with their favorite pooch. After all, if you don’t love dogs and your date does, a second date is often off the cards. It’s a make-or-break question for a lot of couples who are looking for love online. After all, a pet pooch comes as part of the package. A lot of men who have found each other while surfing dating sites have found common ground over their dogs. In the first of our stories, Tom and Scott both met each other on a popular gay dating site when they were both single. After chatting, they bonded over their love of dogs. After chatting for several weeks, the pair decided to arrange to meet at a dog show.

Dog shows are a great way to find new accessories for your pet and get tips and tricks for your beloved pooch. But you also get to meet a whole load of dog owners. Tom and Scott met at the dog show in their local area after talking online. With the same breed, they found lots to talk about during their face-to-face, the first date and found they had a lot in common. They now go to dog shows to celebrate their anniversary.

Meeting on a dog walk

Going on a dog walk is a favorite pasttime for both owner and pooch. And it’s great for your health. It helps you to clear your mind and gives your mental and physical health a boost. Your dog also gets a wealth of benefits from taking a walk. It’s also good for your love life! Paul and Andy both met when they were walking their dogs. Taking their beloved dogs for a walk led to them seeing each other every morning as they took the same route. Soon they were talking as they walked their dogs, and it wasn’t long before the pair, as well as their pooches, were inseparable. Therefore, going for a walk is not only good for you and your dog to get some fresh air, but it also could help you meet someone new.

Talking at the dog salon

A lot of pet owners take their pooch for a haircut every six weeks at their local dog parlor. This stops matting and ensures your pet has healthy fur for longer. It’s also essential with certain breeds to ensure they stay healthy. But as well as the benefits for your pooch, you also might find it leads to love for you. Sam took his furry friend for a haircut at his local salon when he met the groomer Eric. Not only was Eric great with Sam’s pooch, but he was also great to talk to. Bonding over the pooch, they soon fell in love. Therefore, you never know who you will meet at the groomers.

Your beloved furry friend is often a great way of meeting a new partner. Just look at films where couples with dogs meet and fall in love; our list here with Marley and me is just one to mention.

Having a dog is a wonderful experience that can give your life a boost in many ways. A lot of people find that their social life improves vastly when they have a pet. And in the case of the three stories above, a pet can lead to real love too.

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