Movies Where Pets Become a Cupid for a Couple

Dogs are known as man’s best friends. They earned that moniker for a good reason, too. Dogs have proven time and time again that they can help people in every aspect of their lives. In this case, we’re going to look at the way that dogs have acted as Cupid for couples and brought people together like never before.

Movies Where Pets Become a Cupid for a Couple

How Animals Help Us to Get to Know Each Other

Animals are great at helping people get to know each other. Think about the ways that people have utilized animals in their romantic ventures. Imagine being on a hookup dating site, trying to start a conversation with someone. When you browse the profile of someone you think is interesting, you need to pick out something to talk about. Why not a pet in their profile picture? Or, if you were trying to get someone to talk to you at a park, wouldn’t it be helpful to have your furry wingman along for the ride? Dogs are great for introductions and building connections, like if you were to volunteer at a shelter and meet someone great. Animals are incredible, silly, and loving creatures that humans can learn a lot about by spending time with.

Top Movies Where Pets Become a Relationship Mascot

As we said, dogs are wonderful creatures that can bring people together. While many people probably have their personal stories about a time that a dog brought them together with a partner, we compiled a list of different films where the pets are responsible for bringing people together for love.

1. 101 Dalmatians

The quintessential film about pets is 101 Dalmatians, a film that starts off with two humans, Roger and Anita, going about their lives with their two dogs. Both of the dogs are dalmatians, and they take an interest in one another as a result of a chance meeting. The humans fall in love and so do the dogs. The dogs have a litter of puppies that the evil Cruela de Vil steals, and the story ends with a mad break from the de Vil estate and Roger and Anita adopting all the puppies, giving them 101 dalmatians.

2. Marley and Me

In this story, John and Jenny Grogan adopt a yellow lab that proves to be quite the handful. The story shows them trying to get the dog, Marley, to obey them, but it’s no use. Over time, they accept the rambunctious dog and realize that he has been there throughout the family’s ups and downs. This story is a real tear-jerker.

3. Must Love Dogs

When two recent divorcees try to find love, they accidentally find one another through a dating site, with the woman’s insisting that her partner “must love dogs.” The first date is horrible and leads to a wild series of events, with the story culminating that the two sum up their romance as having “met at a dog park.” Although the dog, Mother Theresa, doesn’t play a huge role in the romance, her presence is felt throughout the film as two people try to get to the bottom of what really matters in life.

Pets have a great way of bringing people together. They give two people something to focus on and share their love. The stories that we have shown here demonstrate a small sample of the ways that pets can help develop love in unusual and downright uncomfortable circumstances. If you are looking for someone to love, it might help to find a pet to love first so that you have something for you and your partner to dote upon.

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