Everything That You Need to Know About How to Keep Betta Fish Tank Clean

Bettas are incredibly lovable pets that are quite easy to care for and maintain. However, just like any living thing, they feed and excrete. That is why it’s so important to clean your tank.

It is also necessary to keep the conditions of your tank optimum to ensure that your betta fish remains safe. To help protect the fragile ecosystem in your tank, this includes regular maintenance and cleaning. 

Now, the important things that you should know how to keep Betta fish tank clean. You can do it by following several steps like removing the water from the tank. Then you need to do it by removing algae, removing dissolved organic particles, regulating important minerals, cleaning the filter, sanitizing the tank surface, etc.

If it is not maintained properly, water in your aquarium can quickly become toxic to your fish. You won’t ever need to drain all of the water at once by maintaining and cleaning your tank properly. Eventually, you destroy all the healthy bacteria that have built up by doing this.

In this article, I am going to share all the necessary guides that you may need to keep your betta fish tank clean.

Why you should clean your betta fish tank?

Firstly, you need to clean the tank regularly to control the nitrogen cycle. The mechanism in which ammonia is converted by bacteria to nitrite and then to nitrate is the nitrogen cycle. Both ammonia and nitrite are poisonous to fish, so it is important to have colonies of bacteria in your fish tank to turn harmful compounds into nitrate. Nitrates are much less toxic to fish, and frequent water changes will remove them.

Secondly, you need to clean your tank periodically to extract dissolved organic particulate matter. Also, the water itself contains a lot of minerals and nutrients that Betta requires. The water is, however, preserved, and there is no new way of reproducing water. But you should change the water while you’re washing the tank.

After this, the most significant reason you’ll be cleaning your tank is to minimize some waste. Mostly, greater fish waste and debris are found in the bottom of your tank. While your filter does a decent job of sucking some of it in, it can’t get it all. That’s why it’s so important to clean your tank periodically and vacuum the substrate. It will help you to remove much of your tank’s organic waste as well as any debris and old food that has also fallen in.

How to Clean Your Betta Fish Tank?

Here, I have discussed some important steps about how to keep Betta fish tank clean.

Step 1: Remove Betta Fish

You’ll like to remove your Betta fish from the tank before cleaning and place it somewhere calm and safe.

Step 2: Remove Tank Water

Then through a sieve into the sink, you must drain the remaining water out of the tank. This will stop the dropping of any gravel down the drain.

Also, you can remove any decor that is also in the tank.

Step 3: Remove Algae 

Then you need to do is start scraping algae from your tank’s sides. Start going over the entire tank, remove as many algae and grime as you can from your tank. You can also use a razor to scrape off any algae that is difficult to remove. The use of a plastic razor on acrylic tanks is extremely important.

Step 4: Clean the Filter 

You will need to clean and often adjust the medium in your water filter, depending on the form and quality of the filter that you use. To clean the sponge filter, you have to remove and rinse all wastage out in the tank of water that you have taken from the tank.

To prevent destroying the bacteria colonies, you should rinse the filter as quickly as possible to clean all other mechanical filters.

Step 5: Clean the Accessories

You should begin cleaning the accessories, as the accessories and pebbles are in the same jar. For cleaning accessories, the bottle brush is useful as it can reach places that you might otherwise miss. You should use a fish-safe cleaner if your accessories have built up a significant amount of slime. Before placing them back into your tank, make sure that you have rinsed the accessories full.

How Often Should You Clean Your Bettas Tank?

In general, at least once every 14 days, you should try to clean your tank. This depends, however, on many variables, such as how deep the tank is how good the filter is if your betta is housed with other fish, etc. But the fact is that sometimes you shouldn’t need to do a full clean up. You need to concentrate more on how much you need to adjust the water and vacuum the gravel.

Smaller tanks need to be washed more regularly, depending on whether or not my son recently overfed the fish, you can clean them weekly. For a smaller tank, you can need to clean it several times a week.

Can you use tap water for a betta fish?

For Betta fish water, your tap water is an easy option and is the most common choice. Tap water can be used as long as it is correctly conditioned by you. No matter where you live, a mixture of chlorine or chloramine and minerals will be found in your drinking water.

To kill bacteria, cities treat water with chlorine or chloramine, and while this gives us healthy drinking water, clean water. So this means that in the water there are toxic chemicals. In your unconditioned Betta fish tank, it is best not to use tap water.


Betta fishes are relatively easy to maintain. But of course, they need a healthy environment to live in. So, it is important to know how to keep Betta fish tank clean before you buy Betta fishes. I hope that this content would give you the right direction to keep your Betta fish tank clean.

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