Tibetan Terrier price range. Where to buy Tibetan Terrier puppies?

The Tibetan Terrier is an ancient dog with a history of 2,000 years. In the past, they used to be raised by Tibetan monks. As a symbol of good luck, Tibetan people call them “Holy Dogs of Tibet”. Tibetans were not for sale. They were only given as gifts to close friends or to high-ranked people. Tibetan Terriers impress with their cute appearance and their long coat. They are also described as sensible, capable of guessing the mood of their family members to act accordingly. Due to their scarcity, nowadays, Tibetan Terrier price is quite high, around $900/ puppy. Below is some information about their prices and where to buy them.

Tibetan Terrier price range. Tibetan Terrier puppies for sale cost

Tibetan Terrier price

The price of Tibetan Terriers is greatly influenced by many factors including their breeder, size, pedigree,… Moreover, depending what they are raised for, they are divided into two price levels: Tibetan Terriers with limited registration (pet-only) and Tibetan Terriers with full registration (with breeding rights).

Based on your own need and requirement, you can choose for yourself a suitable Tibetan Terrier.

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