Mabry Labradors – Breeder in Illinois. Labrador puppies for sale in Mabry Kennel

About Mabry Labradors Kennel

Dr. James Mabry Phd and Wendy Mabry own over-100-acres-area Mabry Labradors where is State of Illinois licensed (applied for more-than-four-female owners) and AKC inspected. The Mabrys define their mission is “To love and care for each and every animal just like we would want someone to take care of ours and to produce healthy puppies.” for their operation. That means no puppy leaves until vet clears healthy for sale.

Mabry Labradors, Breeder in Illinois. Labrador puppies for sale in Mabry

Describing the kennel, they have a 40 by 40 building, a 16 dog run; using Kuranda beds for dogs. Inside is equipped with climate controlled heat and air conditioner, outside is about 5 by 10 area that is covered by a roof and in summer will have water misters running. In addition, they have outside playard.

Golden Moon Labradors – Breeder in Maryland. Lab puppies for sale in Golden Moon

About Golden Moon Kennel

Started in 1993 because of Ellen and Larry Moon’s great love and high regard for the Labrador breed. Ellen, a certified vet-tech assistant, enjoys being the head nurse-maid and loves puppy whelping/care. Larry takes care of the housing logistics, loves to share training responsibilities for hunt and field along with the actual Hunt Test Competitions.

Golden Moon Labradors, Maryland. Lab puppies for sale in Golden Moon

This is not a place of large puppy breeding operation. Litters are raised in the Moon’s home with hands-on close supervision and stimulation. The owners consider Labs as family members and household companions (Labs like couching potatoes when not playing, training, or going for walks or adventures with their human friends).

Chambray – Labrador breeder in Florida. Labrador puppies for sale in Chambray

About Chambray Labradors Kennel

Established for nearly 50 years, as introduced themselves on their own website, Chambray Labradors is the only Labrador Breeder that are Professional Dog Trainers & Professional Dog Handlers. They were recognized as USA #1 Champion Labrador Breeder in 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016. They are also granted with much more honorable titles and prizes.

Chambray Labradors, Florida. Labrador puppies for sale in Chambray

Chambray Labradors offers mentorship, support system & free training and written guarantees with each puppy.

Beechcroft – Labrador breeder in New Jersey. Lab puppies for sale in Beechcroft

About Beechcroft Labradors Kennel

Owners of Beechcroft Labradors Retrivers, Mary & Michael Wiest are two AKC approved judges for Lab and Golden Retrievers. They started breeding Labrador Retrievers in 1969 from one bitch imported from the UK.

Beechcroft Labradors, New Jersey. Labrador puppies for sale in Beechcroft

Up to now, the breeder has established a remarkable line of Labrador Retrievers, has been raising 7 Lab girls besides 17 old-year pensioners, not including 19 Labs of yesteryear. Mary and Michael always felt very fortunate to have bred many Champion Labrador Retrievers, numerous Specialty winners and many working titled dogs.

Accessing to the website of the breeder, dog lovers can see all the pedigree of each of their boys and girls.

Ashland Labradors – Breeder in Tennessee. Ashland’s Labrador puppies for sale

About Ashland Labradors

Established in 1984, Ashland has an ideal environment for Labrador Retriever, which includes 2 ponds, creeks, waterfalls, pasture and wooded trails. The owner of Ashland Labradors has been being active in many activities regarding to the dog world: hunting test, obedience and agility trials to conformation shows, holding dog training classes for the public, working as a field/hunt test trainer, being a Vet technician, running a Labrador rescue organization.

Ashland Labradors - Tennessee. Labrador puppies for sale in Ashland

Prospective customers can find here Labs of all kinds: family-companion Labs, show dogs, hunting companions, therapy dogs, service and/or working dogs. Asland Labradors’ breeding program focuses on proper temperaments, correct conformation, health & genetics.

Labrador dog price range. Where to buy Labrador Retriever puppies?

Labrador Retriever is one of the dog breeds raised the most popularly in the world. They are not only friendly, approachable, devoting and very loyal; but also trustworthy friends in families. Labrador dog price is also reasonable, around $600, on the average. In below article, we will share Labrador detailed price levels by raising purposes. And, we also share information about reliable breeders and websites for you to find the most appropriate puppy for yourself.

Labrador dog price range. Where to buy Labrador Retriever puppies?

Labrador dog price range

Based on raising purposes and quality, Labrador dogs are divided into 3 categories including Limited registered Labrador (raised as pets only), fully registered Labrador (allowed for breeding and  working Labrador (hound dogs, house or farm guarding dogs etc).

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