Circle S Kennels – Dogo Breeder in Arkansas. Dogo puppies for sale in Circle S

About Circle S Kennels

A new path is being blazed in the southern United States. Breed standard has long been the catch phrase for evaluating Dogo Argentino in a pursuit of a certain look, many breeders have compromised mental stability to achieve a certain appearance. We at Circle S Kennels firmly support the breed standards that were set forth by our predecessors.

Circle S Kennels - Dogo Breeder in Arkansas. Dogo puppies for sale in Circle S

These breed standards ensure our Dogo’s have the outer appearance that is required however, we feel what is on the inside is more important. Dogo’s were bred to hunt, to protect, and to serve. This has too long been overlooked. Our Dogo’s are battle-tested warriors.

Dogo Argentino price range. Where to find Argentino Mastiff puppies for sale?

Dogo Argentino (or Argentino Mastiff) is the big – size and muscular – hunting dog breed crossbred from many different dog breeds. In the 20th century, two brothers Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez and Agustin in Argentina successfully crossbred this Dogo breed with the purpose of creating a brave, powerful yet not aggressive “hunter” dog breed. Current Dogo Argentino price is around $700 for each puppy, on the average. In this article, we would like to give more information on prices, online websites, and some of the most reputed breeders to find Dogo Argentino puppies for sale. 

Dogo Argentino price & cost range. Where to buy Argentino Mastiff puppies?

Dogo Argentino price range

Depending on raising purpose and quality, each Dogo puppy is offered with a different price. If you would like to raise Dogo as your family pet or normal working dog, price is rather cheap. In other cases, if you would like to buy Dogo puppies with good bloodlines for breeding or participating in Dog beauty shows, price is quite high.

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