Paradise Dachshunds kennels – Breeder in Uxbridge, Massachusetts

Located in the town of Uxbridge, Paradise Dachshunds is a small home based breeder who believes that any of the Dachshunds used in their breeding program must be excellent representations of the breed. Established by Helen Paradise, Paradise Dachshunds have produced some very nice show quality puppies that have gone on to become Champions, Grand Champions and Specialty Award Winners.

Paradise Dachshunds kennels - Dachshunds breeders in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. Dachshund puppies price in Massachusetts.

Since getting started in the hobby of breeding miniature smooth and long hair Dachshunds back in 2009, Helen has a goal to consistently produce healthy, structurally balanced miniature dachshunds of great type, elegance, and beauty that are mentally sound with a lively, outgoing temperament. Helen is currently an AKC Breeder of Merit, a member of The Dachshund Club of America as well as the Connecticut Yankee Dachshund Club.

Dachshund puppies price range. How much does a Dachshund Puppy Cost?

The Dachshund, or Sausage dog, is the dog breed with elongated body, short legs that make them be very funny. At present, Dachshund is popularly raised as family pets in many countries around the world. The number of puppies sold is quite high, so the current Dachshund price is not too high, only about $400 to $700 for each puppy raised as family pets. You could refer to detail information on Dachshund dog prices and website addresses for purchasing them below.

Dachshund puppies price range. How much does a Dachshund Puppy Cost?

Current Dachshund price range

Price of Dachshund dogs raised for pet purpose only

As mentioned above, limited registered Dachshund puppies that could be raised for pet purpose only cost between $400 and $700. In some small pet sites, there are also Dachshund puppies priced only about $300 or less. You should ask for regular health check logbook before deciding to buy and to take them home.

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