Basenji price range. Basenji puppies for sale cost? Where to find Basenji for sale?

The African Basenji (or Ango, Angarri, Congo Terrier, Zande Dog) is a hunting dog breed native to Central Africa. Small but powerful, they are intelligent and extremely loyal, which makes them a great companion for any family. At the moment, as one of the rarest dog breeds in the world, there is no surprise that the Basenji price is relatively high, around $1000 per individual. In this article, we will give you an overview of the Basenji, including its price range, Basenji puppies for sale websites and reputable breeders.

Basenji price range. Basenji puppies cost? Where to buy African Basenji puppies?

African Basenji price range

Based on what they are raised for and their quality, Basenjis are divided into two categories: Basenjis with limited registration (pet-only dogs) and Basenjis with full registration (dogs with breeding rights).

Price of limited registered Basenjis

Pet-only Basenjis cost around $800 to $1300. Although deriving from “ancient hunting dogs”, with its small figure and playful temperament, this breed is perfect as a pet.

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