CBD for your cat: everything you need to know

Amongst most of the tropical herbs present all around the world, the most common and kind of safe herbal plant is cannabis. This particular species is grown worldwide and there is no doubt that the constituents of the same have helped the human population to avert themselves from the road of physical and psychological sufferings.

CBD for your cat: everything you need to know

Known for a long time, the cannabis plant is used in two ways- the first being the very cause of a sensation of ‘high’ and relaxation and the second concerns the treatment of several physical and psychological problems faced by humans nowadays. So, be it just a mere panic attack or a more grave problem of acute pain and inflammations, the cannabis plant does have the potential to cure them to some extent, if not entirely.

Now, the main constituent of the cannabis plant is the cannabidiol or better known as the CBD in the medical market. The main function of this organic compound can be seen in the way it interacts with the endocannabinoid system of our body. Recently, it has been observed that the spectrum of the CBD compound isn’t just limited to humans because as per the veterinarians, the CBD compound can be used for cats and dogs too to cure certain problems whose symptoms and causes are almost similar to the humans.

Kittens are extremely vulnerable to any changes in their environment. Their body functions a bit differently than the dogs and hence you have to be quite careful about the dosage you are providing. Other than that, using the CBD oil for your kittens cannot be graded as a harmful action. But, before you go straight into the shop or online stores like industrialhempfarms and buy a vial of the oil, let’s get to know everything about CBD oil for your kitten.

Benefits of CBD oil for the cats

Before you presume that the CBD oil is the perfect thing that you can get for your cat to keep it safe and immune to most of the health problems, why not first understand the aspects in which the CBD oil is helpful.

1. CBD oil helps in treating pancreatitis and related problems

Pancreatitis is an inflammatory disease which has proven to be quite troublesome for the cats, especially if the problem persists for a long time in the kittens. In this health problem, the pancreatic cells inflame causing an infection, which prevents the organ to secrete the digestive juices.

When CBD is provided, the cannabinoid triggers the endocannabinoid system in the cats which in turn helps to lower the level of inflammations in the pancreas. However, make sure you are providing the proper dosage, which is generally equivalent to 0.5 milligrams per Kg of bodyweight.

2. It treats the problems related to the intestine, specifically the inflammatory bowel disease

Another major digestive problem that the cats face is the IBD or inflammatory bowel disease. In this, the lower part of their large intestine suffers from bacterial infection, which causes the bowel movement to become slow and hence leads to constipation and sometimes in bloody diarrhea.

So, to treat this persistent problem, vets are preferring a 0.2 mg per kg of dosage two times a day for the cats. The cannabinoids will help in reducing the internal mucosa inflammations and will also tend to the fact that bowel formation and movement are going on smoothly without any further interruption.

3. Diseases like arthritis can be alleviated using the CBD oil

Generally, arthritis is of two types- one being the osteoarthritis where the bones start to degrade and decay and the other one is rheumatoid arthritis which is more on the inflammatory part. In both ways, the disease is degenerative and can be quite painful for animals, especially for cats whose bones are way softer than dogs.

When CBD is given, it reduces the inflammations and treats the pain that comes with rheumatoid arthritis. As far as the osteoarthritis is concerned, it helps in reducing the rate of bone decay and improves the calcium absorption rate of the kitten’s body.

4. CBD oil helps in fighting off cancerous symptoms if present any

Though not proven particularly, if you are buying CBD from trusted partners, then you can expect the product to cure diseases that are associated with the mutagenic compounds. Now, if you have the slightest hint that your pet is suffering from any cancerous symptoms, its ideal to shift to the CBD products.

A small dosage of 0.5 mg per kg of body weight is ideal and slowly you have to increase it. The maximum dosage can be up to two to four drops daily.

5. Asthma and other respiratory problems can be reduced to some extent using CBD oil

If your kitten is suffering from any chronic respiratory diseases like asthma, and so on, then you can rely on the cannabinoid oil for giving relief to your kitten. As these respiratory problems are mainly caused to because of the inflammations of the mucosa layer, the CBD oil helps in lowering the level of the inflammations and hence alleviates various problems related to the upper respiratory tract.

Is CBD safe and secure for cats?

To understand whether the CBD is safe for the cats or not, you first need to understand that the product is completely dependent on the way you are using it. If you are using overdosage, it might cause severe health problems in your kitten.


CBD or cannabinoid is yet to be recognized as one of the safest drugs but the ongoing medical researchers are now deeming that when consumed in proper quantity, both humans and animals will be benefitted.

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